In the irritable heat of a Doha lunch hour, there was a welcome laxation of ties and then, astonishingly, of tongues. It came as FIFA hurled a Football World Cup fan festival so vast that 40,000 followers will soon be able to assemble in shared communion near the Corniche, to watch, cheer, to drink costly beer, if only between 7 pm and 1 am. Maybe even to love, too.

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It will be a multidimensional, festival-like knowledge, promised Gerdine Lindhout, FIFA’s head of empirical marketing and raise. It’s not just about football, it’s about betting, lifestyle, and astonishing food. We have obviously to go huge in Doha. But shortly later, as Lindhout faced questions from the world’s media, her business spiel faded and she announced more human than a FIFA official has done in periods. Asked what her message would be to those wanting to bring multicoloured flags into the fan festival, she grinned. Go for it, she supposed. This event is all about festivity.

The Dutchwoman was even bolder when the problematic tariff of the queries was elevated. What, for example, would you say to gay England followers who might be anxious about visiting Qatar for the tournament Football World Cup, which kicks off this Sunday? I have been coming here for the last four years and have felt not just safe but comfortable, she responded. England followers should come here. It will be life-changing knowledge.

Given Qatar is a place where men can face five years’ custody under article 296 of Qatar’s penal code for inducing or scoring a male in any way to obligate illegal or immoral actions, and where Human Rights Watch lately detailed multiple bags of the LGBTQ+ community being beaten and confined by the establishments, those words sounded like a quiet rebellion. How could they not when the Qatari establishments and FIFA have tiptoed about the issue for over a period, in what seems to quantity to their type of don’t ask, don’t tell?

Was it a case of Lindhout unintentionally going off-message? Or is language more in hope than belief? Perhaps. Nonetheless, she was talking very exactly about FIFA venues in Qatar, where it seems to be the circumstance that the authorities will look the other way when it originates to holding hands and kissing. Surely, when pressed again about what the knowledge would be like for gay followers inside FIFA venues, Lindhout could not have been stronger.

“We welcome everyone, including the LGBTQ+ community,” she supposed.

Founded on the knowledge I have had there is no risk. They are welcome to fast themselves and their love to their associates. They won’t get into worry about sharing public displays of love. Certainly, Lindhout did also urge western followers to find a middle ground between their values and those of the traditional Gulf state, which was surely more on a script. Then moments later she again claimed that the culture in Qatar had altered. Admiration the culture, use your common sense nonetheless nothing is prohibited at the FIFA fan centenary, she added. We are very pleased about it.

In fact, at 1 pm on Wednesday, the festival did not look like a venue composed to charge up the TripAdvisor tourist charts. At a media cabinet hours before a Michael Jackson tribute act hurled a test event to iron out any late teething glitches, it mostly looks like a giant concrete car park with costly food a tiny Greek salad cost £10, a slice of pepperoni pizza £8 and little seepage from the 32C heat. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

“Though, Lindhout discharged fears that it might be too hot for followers. It is certainly hot, but there are sufficient areas where there is a shadow and we have sufficient refreshing beverages so I do not see a problem,” she supposed.

The Qatar Football World Cup tournament will be geographically the most compact FIFA World Cup in history, with all eight stadiums within a 55km (34 miles) radius of Doha. Followers will be able to join more than one game a day if they wish to. Though, it has also added to the congestion worries with the FIFA World Cup essentially taking place in one city, the capital Doha. Five of the eight Football World Cup stadiums are directly connected to the metro railway, with the rest connected by a combination of metro and shuttle bus services.

People have to use their rational minds and dress for the time. Wear your shorts, wear somewhat light and enjoy some stimulating brew. England followers will not be overcome to learn that there is just one beer stand, vending Budweiser for nearly £12 for 500ml. Or that they will face a long line evocative of passport control in a European airport post-Brexit, to buy an all-out of four beers. That supposed, there seems no limit on the amount of beer that can be well-ordered throughout the night. Which might lead to acquainted problems when stiffnesses are running high and the booze is graceful freely.

The event five days before the Football World Cup starts reentered a subject that has been subtle for tournament organizers who have been deprived of rights there are strict confines on where media can film in Qatar. Organizers supposed they later spoke to Tantholdt and also delivered an option to all entities to deference the filming licenses in place for the tournament World Cup.

Though, Lindhout claimed FIFA would try to give some scope for followers to enjoy themselves while others continued safely. We want knowledge for all fans but care is significant, she added. I think with the security events in place we will be fine. On the plus side, followers will also be able to see the Football World Cup and Jules Rimet trophies in the FIFA museum near the giant screen that will show the sports, as well as a variety of famous jerseys, counting Roger Hunt’s from England’s 1966 Football World Cup victory and Diego Maradona’s from a 1986 warmup game.

Then as the sun began to set, and 20,000 locals began to a watercourse to see the Michael Jackson imitator belt out the hits, it began to feel additional like a real event. Not everybody is persuaded mind. When the Guardian sent pictures of the site on social media, several users calculated that: This Football World Cup is going to be Fyre festival and Woodstock 99 bowled into one.

Though, Mead Alemadi, who is in the custody of the Fan Festival, is poised it will be an irresistible success. We’ve delayed 12 years for this and we’re so happy to see all this occur, he supposed. People here will be having fun, looking at live games with the best view of the Doha skyline. This will be the best centenary in the history of the Football World Cup. Maybe. But that will be contingent on what happens confidential this cavernous 300,000 square-meter venue in the next month and that, sadly, leftovers an open query.

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