09-12-2020.. Eh, help me Yoorsies

After careful encouragement of some, just a sound from me. A short one, until I understand how Yoors works again. And so I need your help.
References to explanation-bloggers are highly appreciated, but for now especially short handy inwerktips. After that, I'll read the bloggers.
First, I want to know how you're doing and read your writings...

And this blog costs me 100 YP, because I bought extra?????? I don't know anything...

So, come on with your helpful tips...
- How does it work with the YPs these days? How do I give points and how do I get points
- What should I especially pay attention to, besides just reading bloggers
- How do proposed groups filling my image disappear

#uitlegyoors #yoorshelp

Header photo: Adventure by https://pixabay.com/nl/photos/avontuur-hoogte-beklimming-berg-1807524/