1, 5 million people died of Corona, is that bad?

I read yesterday that in about 1 year, about 1.5 million people died from Corona, which is a lot and is also sad.
All the things we do are like slapping the economy, locking people up at home, mouthcaps and more.
But above all, the millions or billions spent on research and use of vaccination justified? I think most people say yes or at least partially approve it, I think especially the money for research and prevention of mortality..

BUT, that every year, so every year about 6 million children die of hunger!!!!! How do we deal with that?
Are we going to open up all the registers for that, too, is industry and science working so hard to find a solution?
The answer is NO. Why not actually?
Why do we let a part of the world live in poverty and children die?
I don't know, I probably don't do anything about it.

But perhaps we should realize how good we are, well we are now wearing a mask and some of them are locked up at home, and rightly so we do not want that.
When the whole Corona is ever over, are we thinking about these children or are we all going to shop cheap again and make the multinationals earn again?

Wouldn't we be able to solve the hunger problem for once?