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My limit has been reached. Where is yours?
Published on June 8, 2020 on LinkedIn
My limit has been reached. Where is yours?
Ed Kortekaas

Yesterday I went for a run in the dunes. After three consecutively walking couples made a big evasion maneuver as I ran towards them, I came across an old man down the road with a mouthcap walking his dog. When I got closer to him, he also made a evasion maneuver. This despite the fact that on the wide sidewalk there was at least 3 meters distance between him and me. I stopped and asked him if he was afraid of me. The man replied 'I am 82 and have heart problems, I want to be especially careful. I nodded and asked him if he is aware that by wearing a mouthcap, he also breathes his own exhaled air again and that this is unhealthy for a human. He said he didn't know that and thanked me for the information. Then we wished each other a good day and went further our way.

I don't know about you, but when I see people with a mouthcap walking in the fresh air, notabone by the sea, I get sad and angry at the same time. How on earth is it possible that this is happening and that this is already becoming a 'normal' street scene? This example is not in itself, of course. There are many other bizarre measures, instructions and habits that are suddenly becoming commonplace, which are thoughtlessly carried out. All from good intentions, unfortunately not from common sense or by proven results. We just follow the guidelines and our own fears. Just a few examples from my own experience;

My son (8 years old) told me that there is no need to sing in the classroom because of corona
In childcare I am alerted to the 'health measure' by means of a poster to keep the farewell short
My son (5 years old) told them not to touch each other in the classroom
At the supermarket everyone touches the spray can with antibacterial spray
During my children's football training, I can deliver my children at the entrance of the sports park with 50 parents at the same time, but not watch the training on my own by myself
A friend in Spain said that in Spain they are going to make classes on the beach, where a predetermined number of people are allowed to enter at an appropriate distance. (Have fun when you go this summer...)
A friend from France said that people with mouthcaps are queuing in front of the tobacco shop and then buy a pack of cigarettes

And so I can continue for a while. Maybe you have some examples of your own. I'm curious about the most idiotic. Maybe we can make this a nice site? www.top100bizarrecoronamaatregelen.nl. I think the list is quickly filled.

To anyone who thinks all this is normal and defensible; maybe it's an idea to take a look at a nice place in China?
Well, and?

Don't get me wrong; of course, radical choices had to be made in mid-March to protect care against overloads and citizens from the threat of the unknown virus. But, by now the peak is long behind us (March/April) and much more is known about the virus. So a great time to evaluate what the effectiveness of these draconian measures has been. In Norway, they have already. The conclusion there: the lockdown was unnecessary. Time for a study in the Netherlands you would say. I hope that such a study is also going on in the Netherlands and that we are prepared to assess the results with an open mind. I haven't heard or read about it yet.

What I have read and heard is of great concern to me. Since the current measures are contrary to the constitution, a law that has to come into force on 1 July, which enshrines a number of measures, such as;

Keep a distance of 1.5 meters
Do not come together in groups

So; the law is going to be modified for something that is NOT established to work. And, so; the government gets a tool to counteract collusion and force people at a distance from each other.

Well, and? do you think maybe. They're not going to abuse that.. . . That may be so, I hope you're right, but if you think so, I'm afraid your horizon is very short and your historical realization is not so great. After all, what if we end up in a very big economic depression? Which is not unlikely. In times like that, politicians with a firm, tight hand are often chosen. Do you still want this power to be in the government toolbox? I don't at least.
Not a good argument

The law not only completely ignores an investigation into the effectiveness of measures. The law also ignores many interesting and relevant new insights about; the virus and its spread, the lethality, social behavior, psychological aspects and other side effects. In implementing such a drastic law, I think there should have been a broad social debate about the pros and cons. And, not just as quickly, under the guise of public health and the knowledge that the current emergency regulation is not valid.

Why are we letting this happen? Out of good faith in politicians and policymakers? Out of passivity? Out of ignorance? Fear? Lack of historical awareness? Or, are we just busy with our ordinary lives? I wonder. And it worries me anyway.

Good faith in the government I have in any case not. As I said, who knows what kind of politicians we will get into power in the future?

But even now. Why do we have to trust a government that can be safely stated that they often do not give home when it comes to protecting a large part of the citizens? Just a few examples;

Care staff in elderly care and nursing homes are not helped with protective material
The hospitality industry is pressed into an impossible straitjacket and many things have to fear for their survival. If they haven't already been killed
The cultural sector is in danger of disappearing to a large extent
In Groningen, earthquakes victims are still waiting for compensation
While everyone knows by now that biomass plants are anything but good for the environment, they continue to cut down and build new plants

Here, too, I can go further.
Positive view

I would like a government that protects citizens. That perspective offers. Which connects. Which helps. First of all, always for citizens and only then for businesses or other stakeholders. Recent examples such as the payment affair or the astronomical debts incurred for a European recovery plan and support fund show that citizens are not the highest priority. Because, be honest: of all the billions of extra debts that have already been created, what are people really going to notice about this? Apart from the fact that interest and repayment will be charged in higher taxes in the coming years?

Right now, in this crisis, there is a need for a positive view, a dot on the horizon. Wasn't it our prime minister who once said “Vision is like the elephant taking the view away. '? I can remember another funny piece of Theo Maassen about this. For the enthusiast 'End of Exercise, New Year's conference 2013, from minute 35'. So we do not have to expect this positive view. Unless you consider mandatory vaccination as such, of course.

Just over the dot on the horizon, the view. Why is the government not making concrete when things come back to normal? Is there a lower limit in terms of infections, group immunity, deaths? Or should anyone ever die or become infected again?

And, what do you mean, things can't come back to normal until there's a vaccine? Why should that become an obligation?

Why is there not much talk about the importance of a healthy lifestyle?

Why isn't the 82-year-old man I spoke to being told that it's unhealthy to wear a mouthcap?

Why is the potential drug for the first line (hydroxychloroquine i.c.m. zinc and azithromycin) - without patent and with known side effects - with very hopeful results prohibited? Why is it not clinically examined?

Why are (not working) mouth masks mandatory in public transport at the time when there have been hardly new hospitalizations and deaths for weeks? Who are you protecting with this? So, how are you going to measure if it's effective?

Why are the measures not phased out on a daily basis, but should this be done at intervals of 1 or 2 weeks, knowing that a day of turnover can make the difference between being able to pay your bills?
Fear Campaign

As a marketer, I see the 'new normal' mainly as a marketing term in a large-scale fear campaign. Whatever the purpose of this would be, I'm not going to speculate on this place.. Here I would like to confine myself to simple observations. I can only conclude that we are fed with fear messages nonstop. So many new deaths, so many new infestations, the second wave is coming, now also flared up in Colombia, infected mink, it goes on. In all media. Throughout the day.

Does that really stand up to the situation of the moment and in recent weeks? Looking at the graphs of the RIVM, you can question that very big.

No alt text provided for this image

Interestingly, a person like Ab Osterhaus, with an extremely dubious reputation when it comes to conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry, is allowed to join the talk shows almost daily to preach his fear stories. Feel free to check out the Zembla-broadcast 'The superfluous flu prick' to understand what I mean.
Not listened carefully to the king

My point is clear I hope: NO 1.5 meters of society and NO new normal. I am very concerned that things that are not normal are made normal. I'm even more concerned about the law being changed. It seems we haven't listened very well to the king at the memorial of the death.

“Don't look away. Do not justify. Do not erase. Do not set aside. Do not make normal what is not normal. '

Some people think that the measures are transient. I hope they're right, but I won't put my money on it..

When I'm 82, I want my kids to know that I've done everything I can to make their lives as beautiful as possible. We are now in a time when profound changes are taking place. Sitting still and watching is not an option as far as I'm concerned. Contributing to positive change is a must. Even though I don't know exactly how, I will fight the 1.5m society with my hand and tooth. My limit has been reached. Or actually already exceeded. Many people share the concerns I put on paper here. More and more are coming into action. Very nice to see. Together we are with millions of intelligent, fun, peaceful people; how could we not change society to what it was like, but better? I'm sure it can. And you? You think this, too? And are you willing to commit to it?

I'm very curious about your reaction, ideas and actions. Feel free to contact me if you want.

All good!

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