10 Reasons why interaction is important to Yoors (and how you can provide more)

When you post on Yoors, you like it if you are commented on the content. Right?
Interaction on Yoors is generally fun. It's good for Yoors, too.

What is interaction?

The interaction between two or more persons.

How does interaction take place on Yoors?

• Respond content over and over again under a post/comment
• Inspire each other, which results in new content
• Link to each other's mail

How does interaction occur outside of Yoors?

  • Door onder een post die op Yoors staat buiten Yoors te delen. It depends on several factors whether to react to it: when and where it is placed plays a role. The trick is to trigger the post,
so that one (hopefully) comes to react to Yoors himself
• By linking under a related message outside of Yoors, (if permitted) to a post posted on Yoors
• By crossposten: Over and over again link to each other's posts, in their own post. So Kareltje links to a post of Pietje and vice versa.
Note: only do this with related posts. When Kareltje writes about fish, and Pietje about elephants, it makes no sense to refer to each other's posts.
(Names are fictitious, any similarity with the forenames of members is based on mere coincidence.)

Why is it important?

1. The creator of a post then knows that the content has been viewable/read
2. By any additions (if desired), you can learn from each other
3. It can lead to a collaboration
4. It shows interest
5. Thus, two-way traffic. If you respond to posts, the chance that your posts will also be responded to
6. Your blog name will probably be remembered
7. Chance of (more) followers
8. Visitors can often find what they're looking for on Yoors
9. Visitors see that there is interaction and can be triggered to come and discuss
10. If you ask for advice in a post, you may have the helpful answer

In short:

It can help to further grow the Yoors platform. In terms of more content, also in terms of brand awareness.

How can you ensure more interaction on Yoors?

• As mentioned earlier: make sure that there is a trigger is in your post.
• Respond to others, then in the long term you will also be responded to. Note: Do not respond to comment, but because you want it, find the post interesting or have something to add.
• Tell the one who asks what you're doing, about being a Yoors member. How you like it. Bring your enthusiasm.
* Write a review about Yoors
• Share posts that you find interesting with an audience you think will find interesting. Tip: use the Fairshare button. More info about Fairshare:

Additions are welcome.

Let us know in a comments and/or write a post about it yourself.
Blue text is clickable (hint).


Addition from @ellesvandenbroek:
Come up with a challenge.
There is a good chance that people will participate enthusiastically! That also happens frequently on Yoors.

Addition from @Adriana:
  • As for linking to another post on Yoors, a related opportunity would be to share a curated post and comment on some of the interesting content you've seen on Yoors lately under a certain category (e.g. some of your favorite posts about photography or made by new Yoorsmembers).
  • Another good way to interact with Yoors is to give a booster. By clicking on the rocket icon below a message you can offer the creator a personal booster. If you really like what the creator brings to the platform and want to give him or her some extra encouragement.

  • Comments in a post need not be limited to the content of the original post. It could also relate to another comment. Especially if the purpose of the post is to promote conversation.