10 Things to Dispose Immediately - Decoup Cleanup Minimalism

Regularly I get the question; “Where the hell am I supposed to start?” . There are plenty of YouTube videos on the Internet that tell you where to start, but you're here now, so I can tell you where I started. The first 10 items I found the easiest to remove from my home, and which I have not regretted to this day. I've been a year later and I've never missed any of the items below. Ready to unstuff? Garbage bag at the ready? Let's go!

1. Instructions for use: I had an idiot amount of user manuals in my neatly sorted folder with administration. From devices I didn't even own anymore, or operating manuals that, like almost all of them, can be found on the Internet. So why keep those thick books where 80 languages describe how to turn on your washing machine? Recycling and with the waste paper, so!

2. Dehydrated cosmetics : I've always been limited in the amount of cosmetic products I possessed, but I still had some dehydrated mascaras, eyeliners and nail polishes that could leave. I didn't buy a new one for them; if they were dehydrated, they probably weren't used much.. Condoms, something like that; if you are no longer a big user, for whatever reason, it is worth looking at the shelf life dates..

3. Food that you do not use : in many people there are foods in the cabinets that are never used again, for example, because the recipe they were purchased for turned out to be a drama, or because they are over date. Get rid of it, you're not going to use them. Do you have products that are still shelf life and dense, that you want to put away? Donate them to the local food bank or put it on the Weggeefhoek in your municipality. Can you make someone happy with it?!

4. Underwear you're not wearing anyway: you always grab the same fine sitting panties (or thong, boxer shorts, body, whatever). And those old, creeping, washed, cutting, tight and/or poorly supporting specimens you always leave or slide aside. Away with it! They take up space and irritate all day long if you caught the wrong person with a sleep-drunk cup in the morning. Also applies to bras. Don't we sneak all the same bras over and over again, ladies.? Correct. Bras, as well as other underwear, can be donated if neat, for example to the Salvation Army. 100% natural textile goes with me on the compost heap, the rest at the residual waste.

5. Single Socks : this does not need an explanation. It is an addition; I just made sure that I only wear the exact same socks, so this suffering is somehow less common. And it's easier to clean up the laundry!

6. Books : this one was pretty painful for me at first, and I can tell you that I only got rid of my last 12 books last week. I had hundreds of them! Because I actually read everything, there were no books I had never read, but I wanted to keep them all so much because it was so mature and intelligent on the shelf. Books were painful to get rid of, but it gave a lot of satisfaction, space and it also yielded money. Of all the books that still interested me, I tried to get a digital copy. And that actually did.. I now have three books that contain more emotional value than anything else.. The rest is gone. Books can be donated to schools, libraries or thrift stores, should they fail to sell.

7. Storage Boxes : lids that are missing or because of the influence of heat no longer fit on the dish, boxes that have been turned out red by the spaghetti that you have stored in it, are simply too rancid or you just have a lot of. For example, my grandmother also kept all the trays of the Chinese or the ice boxes of Duke. I got rid of them all, to the Krinkshop. If you throw them away, they need to be in the residual waste. It can not be processed as used plastic. I only use clean peanut butter and jam jars. These glass jars with metal lid can be reused endlessly, the glass does not hold colors or odours. You can transport, freeze and store it. And if they break, they recycle you through glass and stale iron.

8. Dehydrated paint or sealant : that can of paint you kept in the barn or in the attic but what you haven't seen in ten years, or that kitsyringe that was not so well sealed; gone. If you ever start painting again, you probably won't be able to use it anyway; you choose a different color or the paint is just a shade due to external influences or due to old age. Can you still start over?. Process as chemical waste!

9. Cards, postcards and envelopes: I was such a bourgeois hat that always sends everyone a card with his birthday or other special occasion, and in the past I have bought a package several times from a sweet schoolchild at the door, or just at the German cheap-shizzl-bang. There are always copies left that remain lying because you don't know anyone who's lame enough to send them to. Put away. Recycle them via the old paper or give them away via the Weggeefhoek. Switch to digital or homemade maps, saves mountains of waste.

10. Test samples : I am a fan of free and, before avoiding plastic, I regularly asked for samples. Or I took them somewhere. Like hotel soaps. Or mini-toothpaste from the dentist. But if you leave them lying too long, they spoil. If I get samples in my hands these days unnoticed, I'll process them right away. I grate the soaps to make detergent myself, the shower gel or shampoo I put in the existing bottles that are already there or I put in the shower so that they are the first I use. The samples that are still there, and that you haven't used in the past period, you're really not going to use. On the Weggeefhoek this is always at lightning speed.