10 tips to write a masterful personal statement

Writing a personal statement is the most crucial part of a university application. The process would have been a lot easier if students did not have to write a personal statement along with the application. Students find it a challenging task to write a perfect statement for their admission. However, it allows students to write about their capabilities, qualification, and achievements throughout their academic careers. Your personal statement makes your application unique and impressive out of a bundle of applications. You have to construct a highly professional personal statement to secure admission in the best university. You have to put an extra effort to stand out amongst all the other candidates. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue on how to make your personal statement look more professional and appealing to admission officers because this article will give you 10 mind-blowing tips to write a masterful personal statement.

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What is a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is an academic essay that is required to be written along with your admission application to get you a scholarship to your desired university.  This type of essay depicts a picture of your achievements and abilities as an individual as well as your academic qualities that make you eligible to secure a scholarship in a university or college. The word count for the essay is usually 500-700 and within this many words, you have to narrate your experiences that helped you grow academically as well as personally. The personal statement has to be effective and impactful to help you attain a scholarship amongst thousands of applicants.  

10 Tips to Write a Personal Statement

  1.     Sketch a draft of your personal Statement 

First of all, you have to draw a rough draft of your essay. You have to jot down points that you need to add to your personal statement. You may write everything that comes to your mind while making a draft. Once you have completed the draft you should give it a read and eliminate all the irrelevant content from it. Insert ideas, achievements, academic abilities, and qualities that can help you get admission in your desired university. 

  1.     Do not Rush 

Take your time while writing a personal statement. Students often mess with their personal statements in a hurry. So it is advised to pre-write your statement and then eliminate errors and irrelevant information from the content. Only add effective and relevant information in your statement. You can take a couple of days to compose a perfect personal statement for your admission application. 

  1.     Accurate Words and Expressions 

The most important tip is to ensure that you use accurate vocabulary and expressions in your essay. The essay writer should avoid using a vocabulary that is inapt and incomprehensible for the readers.  The personal statement should not be too informal and filled up with inaccurate expressions and words. Try to use affirmative words and avoid any negative or aggressive words that could offend anyone. 

  1.     Relevant Information

Some students often add irrelevant information in the essay to fill the word count and that's what makes their application lose its impact on the admission officer. You have to ensure that no unnecessary information is being added to the essay. Try to be specific and write in a most professional manner. 

  1.     Focus on your strengths 

You have to write about the skills and the qualities that will emphasize your strong points. 

  1.     Strong opening sentence 

The opening sentence of the statement has to be strong and effective to grab the attention of the readers.

  1.     Write about your opinions, ideas, and experiences 

You have to describe your personal ideas, opinions, and experiences in your personal statement rather than reporting an event that has no significance in your life. 

  1.     Be honest 

You have to be honest about your experiences and academic excellence to get a scholarship through your statement. 

  1.     Be structured and organized 

It is mandatory to properly structure and organize your statement before submission. 

  1. Proofread 

Get your work proofread before submission to correct any grammatical and technical mistakes. 

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