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Is cooking on open fire bad?

Is cooking on open fire bad?

It is not, as long as you do that in the open air. Unfortunately, The Gambia is still behind in terms of cooking on wood. The cookingpot is placed on three bricks and the pieces of firewood are pushed underneath. Cooking usually takes place in a dense cooking hut. Where with strong winds the door is even closed. The effect can be guessed. The cooking hut is full of poisonous smoke and the woman in question is coughing and stabbing to prepare the daily meal of rice with vegetables and fish or chicken.

But now there is the stove with a chimney. A kind of stone stove that is custom made around the cookingpots that the woman uses. This way smoke never escapes into the cooking hut, but everything is neatly drained through the chimney that is built on the corrugated roof.

Isatou is very happy with the stove. She can cook rice and sauce quickly and saves time and.... her health! She also saves firewood, which she either cuts in the forest, or buys when she can not find anything.

The three men who built the stove are overjoyed with their job. Win Win!


Word lid en beloon de maker en jezelf!

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Freya van Norden
Nice article, though I didn't watch the video. A lot of people don't see people that are less easy lives and therefore can't imagine how they live their lives. I like it when people show their lives or other peoples lives. It gives you more understanding of others. Cooking on an opem fire isn't bad but without proper ventilation and guidelines it can be unhealthy and dangerous. It also isn't that great for the environment and climate, but a lot of people have no choice so it's no use for them to even think about that. The safest way of cooking, for both the health of humans and the environment would be to cook electric and with green electricity only, but on a large scale that could only be a dream for now.
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