20 Questions to ask on New Year's Eve

When there are silences in company I somehow get a little uncomfortable and try to get a conversation going. While I can enjoy silence in my own life.

Usually I know of those present where common interests lie, so crank up a conversation and when the two in question are hotly arguing, I get out of my feet and start another conversation (joke). Soon the whole room will sound like a noisy chicken coop again.

It would be nice anyway

when people listen centrally to what someone has to say?
In the homely atmosphere, I mean. So not a political debate or a meeting. Not a serious affair. Just relaxed, where, for example, you celebrate New Year's Eve with a company.
To have a conversation during gourmets or something.
With the following questions you can chat until the following year...

20 Questions to ask on New Year's Eve

Once in one or another sheet there were cardboard cards with questions to ask on New Year's Eve.
I have had the tickets for years, but do not remember from which magazine, so can really not mention a source. If anyone's sure, I'll do it anyway. Here they come. Some of them I modified and invented the last four myself.

  1. What did you like the most beautiful moment of the past year?

  2. What dream do you want to come true next year?

  3. What would you take to a desert island (3 things)?

  4. I hope that in the coming year... (fill in)

  5. What helps you to relax in times of bustle and stress?

  6. Where do you see yourself in five years?

  7. What is your favorite song all time and why?

  8. What trait would you like to change of yourself?

  9. What do you think is a beautiful character trait?

  10. Do you have any good intentions? If so, which one?

  11. What have you been proud of in the past year?

  12. What's your life motto or favorite spell?

  13. What are your plans for the New Year?

  14. What have you learned in the last year?

  15. What trait do you appreciate in the man/woman right next to you (at the table)?

  16. Which holiday destination do you want to go back to in the coming year?

  17. What have you laughed the hardest in the past year?

  18. Do you regret something?

  19. Is there a intent of last year?

  20. What's the best thing that's happened to you in the past year?

Have fun with it!

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