23-02-2021... Writing poems with people with dementia

Many probably don't know yet, but since October 1, 2020 I started another job. Yeah, another job, yeah. 🤣
Actually, I didn't want the current job either, but I said yes to all the 'no' thoughts. Why? No idea. It just came out.
“Cute," I even said. 😣 From which pits of my brain this answer came, I do not know.
I did not want to care at all anymore, or at least limited. And I'm a care assistant on paper, so help with the personal care of clients. It's just not my thing. Guiding, fine, but changing incos, cleaning buttocks and you name it... no, don't. Admittedly, I've gotten used to it by now, but it's not my hobby. I therefore have great respect for the Helpenden, Viggers and other professions, where this is standard.

Anyway, I've been working there for five months now, and man, man, man, man,.... what a world job. I'm allowed to completely loose. And that's what I do in the creative field.
Nothing not brushing buttocks or otherwise.
Fun things to do with the people! That's what's asked of me. And I'm good at that.
Now I like to read aloud and that's half a theatrical performance. As the residents say:
“You missed your calling, you should have been at the theater.". Whether I would have gotten as much enthusiasm there as I would have with these people, I dare to doubt.

Every night I read from a book. Usually Annie MG Schmidt. And sometimes I read a poem I made with one of the residents. They know how to give a poem a completely different turn than I would have done. ☺️

Below such a poem pearl:


Let's start a round dance
With this we have a great chance of cheerfulness and conviviality
For those who love and don't make love
Friendship, friends and girlfriends
We're going to start something fun
The sun is illuminating and happy
And we all run through the meadow
We are here and the animals there
And we all love each other
We give each other a big kiss
It might seem like a big job
But frolic with each other
Has not started rowing with the cows
Roll in the grass
Afterwards a drink in the glass
Pancakes from tasty flour
And now I'm tired and I look squint
I'm going to bed
Delicious dreams of this day
I look back on it with a big smile

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