3 tips for promoting pins on Pinterest

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Today, 3 fun and useful tips for you and other people's Pinterest pins you share. In the video, I'm talking about creating an Idea pin and if you look at the attached screenshot, you'll see that these three Idea pins gave me 10,000 impression views. This is what Pinterest keeps track of for you and notifies you via email if you have a business account.
Idea pins are important for your traffic to use. In addition, I show how important Yoors Fairshare is and in the video I tell you that it was another click, but a few seconds later, there were already 3! See the photo that is attached. So yes, I was already a fan of fairshare and recommend it to everyone. My third tip is also a very daring and fun tip. You have to dare to say that we are popular on Pinterest. Yes, we are and we can stay that by letting ourselves and each other shine consistently in the picture! Let's see who Yoors is!
Best of luck!