Reynisfjara strand in IJsland

IJsland is een vulkaan eiland en dat kun je onder andere goed zien aan het zwarte strand van Reynisfjara.  


Gevaarlijke golven, deadly sneaker waves!


Voor je op het strand komt, kom je langs dit bord. 

Daarop wordt aangegeven dat je op moet passen voor gevaarlijke golven. De zogeheten deadly sneaker waves.

Daar wordt je niet vrolijk van. Er komen hier dus levensgevaarlijke golven voor die je de ijskoude zee in kunnen sleuren. 


En ook een tweede bord wijst je op het gevaar van deze onberekenbare golven. 

De zee lijkt heel kalm en dan ineens uit het niets kan er een enorme golf komen waardoor je meegesleurd wordt. 

In deze blog van Guide to Iceland zie je een aantal video's waarin je deze golven ziet opkomen en mensen meegesleurd zien worden.




Basalt klif 

Maar blijf je ver genoeg weg van de golven, dan kun je genieten van de prachtige vormen die de natuur hier gemaakt heeft. 


Versteende trollen

Volgens een IJslandse legende zijn de twee basalt kliffen in zee, eigenlijk twee versteende trollen. Zij waren bezig om een schip uit zee te trekken toen net de zon op kwam en zij versteenden. 


Geen papegaaiduikers gezien

Reynisfjara strand zou een plaats zijn waar regelmatig papegaaiduikers (puffins) te zien zouden zijn.  Maar wij hadden geen geluk en zagen alleen meeuwen op de rotsen zitten. Wat ook een mooi gezicht was.


Rotsen, stenen en steentjes

Kortom het is erg mooi om te zien dit ruige zwarte lava strand. 

En dat weten ook de touroperators, dus je moet wel aardig vroeg hier zijn wil je niet een bus lading toeristen tegenkomen hier. 


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Morning has broken...
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Bali Indonesia
Hi, all of you. Last week I went to Bali for a few days before I flew on to Australia. I had a switch to Jakarta where I found out my debit card didn't work. He stood up worldwide but still didn't manage to pin. That was quite annoying because I had so well prepared for Australia that I had forgotten Bali a bit. So I had not exchanged money and so nothing with me. I was very thirsty and started to get hungry. I panicked slightly because I had no money, no working debit card, knew no one and no food or drink anymore. Fortunately, I found out that I could use my debit card to 3 different banks in Indonesia. When I arrived at Bali I managed to pin at the first vending machine I met, I just had no idea how much to pin and didn't know the course.. I went for 400,000 IDR. I had something to eat and drink and then I arranged a taxi to my hotel. That was when I found out that 400,000 IDR is not so much (about €25). The taxi ride was 400.000, so I had a little less because I had bought some food and drinks. I asked the taxi driver if it was possible to stop at one of the three banks where I could pin if it's okay. I think we've had about five banks and vending machines, and it didn't work anywhere! Meanwhile I got some stress because I couldn't afford this man and then I had nothing left to buy my dinner. Fortunately, the hotel was able to offer the remaining amount and I asked on Facebook if someone could help me. An acquaintance of my father read that and sat half an hour away from me. There was also a shop with an ATM. She gave me the tip to download the app Gojek to arrange a cheap taxi and so I went to her. She advanced the taxi for me and we went to the shop together. The plan was that she would pin for me and I would transfer it to her but I wanted to try to see if my pass would do it here. And he just did it! I immediately pinned 1.500,000 IDR and immediately bought some breakfast and drinks. Gojek is not only a handy app to get a taxi, but you can also have food delivered. The next morning I was picked up at 6 o'clock for a day tour. First we drove about 2 hours to get to the Lempuyang Temple and take a picture at the Gates of Heaven. This was the Instagram tour of get your guide. The guide told a lot and took pictures all day! Super nice because I could send some nice pictures of myself home. The queue for the picture would be about 2 hours stood everywhere, my guide worked with other guides already in line so I only had to wait 20 minutes. Meanwhile I could walk around and enjoy the beautiful view of the Agungberg because the guide stood in line for me. So it was still pretty early, I had quite a jet-lag and it was only winding roads in the mountains. I started to get a little carsick so we stopped at a nice view spot until I felt a little better.. Then we went to Tirta Gangga water palace. This is a really nice place! It is known as the most beautiful former royal water palace in all eastern Bali. You can see the fountains, gardens and statues and also walk over the stones in the water! My guide told me that there are also pools where locals come to swim on weekends. Outside the palace you have a view over the super beautiful rice fields. Then we drove to the Tukad Cepung waterfall. This is quite a climb and especially with such a bad hip/back as I have. But it's only 15 minutes and it's definitely worth it! You get into a kind of cave where some water flows through. This I already liked to watch and also very refreshing after that climb and since it was 38 degrees that day. As you continue, you will arrive at a waterfall that comes from above the sunlight! For the next I was very afraid! The famous Bali Swing, a swing over the jungle. I'm really afraid of heights and had looked up a lot about this. You are stuck with only one safety cable. But I thought to myself, so many people do this daily, so just do it. On the way to the swing I had to cross a suspension bridge which I normally never did. But also this I have conquered. I didn't enjoy it very much because I was really scared, but the view was very impressive and afterwards I'm really glad that I just did this. I also got a mini high tea with the same beautiful view as on the swing. Finally we have walked over the rice terraces and this was again beautiful. Super nice view and what a rest! All in all a super fun but also tiring day. The next day my flight to Australia was late at night. That day I had a super tasty traditional Balinese massage and I ate at the airport. It's so nice that you guys read some of my trip again! So now I'm back in Australia and I'll tell you more soon! Greetings:) Perth Australia - Read more Brisbane Australia - Read more Magnetic Island + Fraser Island Australia - Read more Sydney Australia - Read more Melbourne Australia - Read more Cairns Australia - Read more Invite friend - logon