4th Christmas Day, saturated but still a fun day!

#dagopvangdenostalgie #corona #coronavaccin
Glad that our client Negative (no #corona ), so that we can still open today.
What will I be glad if it #coronavaccin works well and everyone's been vaccinated and we can get back to normal, that would be nice, don't you think.
After the clients click #dagopvangdenostalgie , we drank coffee with a cake and talked about the past Christmas! Some of them looked at me if they saw water burning, Christmas, was it Christmas? I think it's sad. But we do tell you about trying to keep them as much as possible with the daily things and certainly the things that do about them.
After the coffee we went to gym. 3 Days nothing done, so the gym teacher matte us off..
Yes, too, I noticed it.. But just a quick game thrown in. “Old Professions Bingo” That's so nice, of most professions I do not erase the existence!
Then the question game picked up until the meal! “Charles, what are you doing with a mop? I don't know, because I don't have one. Okay, Charles, but if you had one, what would you do with it? Yes, I do, because I have one! Well, Karel, that's nice. What are you doing with a mop? I don't know, I don't have any”! You could carry the other clients away.
Luckily, there was the food. We had frikandel fries, salad and dessert. Not much was eaten, people are still full from the last few days. They didn't want to play a game after dinner either. So we put a USB stick in the TV with 400 photos of Nostalgia. Nice thing is that people are surprised to see that they are also on it! We made a USB Stick with videos, we still have to watch it. That will be vultures!!
Another lawyer with whipped cream as the end of the day! At half past four in the buses and back home! On return, brush, toilet, floor, dishwasher. Evaluate and go home! It was another fun day, until tomorrow!