A book review of my first book!

Proud and with a bit of a strange feeling I did the review of @peerke70 read my book. Yes all of a sudden it's called a book I've always seen as writing a story. But now proudly has grown into a real book.

This first part called “The Strange Brush” has already been on yoors before and some of you already know it. However, at some point I cleared my entire account (and later regretted it, so don't delete your posts too soon!). Anyway, I put all these parts together and turned them into a pdf file that you can read anytime, anywhere.

Would you like to read the review of Peerke, you can do that here:

Part 2 is almost finished and part three is already written. So the adventures of Ronan and Gem and all their friends in and outside the Shell Forest are not over yet! I will occasionally light up a tip of the veil and in due course also post Part 2 as pdf file here on Yoors!

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