A Christmas day!

#christmas #dagopvangdenostalgie Started to pick up the clients this morning! Quarter to 9 got in the bus and 10 for 10 again on the Nostalgia for coffee and tea with a slice of Christmas gun and butter! Have a nice chat with all the 12 clients who are with us today! We got delicious Christmas chocolate from a client and from our 2 employees my partner and I got a nice vase with Christmas items with an amaryllisbol. Wonderful! After the coffee stories gym done. We went to the circus and there they have a lot of tricks, like Juggling and rope running, on the horse, the dipper with the tiger, the clown with his flap shoes. The circus had made us tired, we got a glass of fresh gravy and went to play a game. Do you know this? You get a card, there's a word on it. You should describe this one. That's easy, but there are 3 words on it that you can't say, so it suddenly becomes less easy!! Laugh vultures roar! The word is eye. It's in your face. You got two of them. Oh, I shouldn't have said that. Then we're all in a dent. And what do they say ears! Neeeehh!
The next word is apple flap, you can't say apple, New Year's Eve and fireworks. Smart Client, it's not an oilball! Apple flap! Yeaaah! And then those laughs when we look very incomparable. Didn't expect you from these old people!! Time to bring Christmas packages around and I leave the group that will then bingo, when they have their bowl of fruit empty! Everyone was very pleasantly surprised when I hand over the nice (I think) packages. That gives me a nice feeling, because we really appreciate what our volunteers and employees do for us! Back on the Nostalgia, I was able to jump in and brag the food. Wash hands, put gloves back on and put on a mouthcap. Hutspot was on the menu with stew meat! You'd get hungry, but my cheese jams were in the fridge! After lunch in the office to work, register, roast, mail, call. One of my colleagues was walking around with a client who was very restless and so they walked past the office. Bye, Karel, I cried. Hey, that's nice, says Karel. Ohhh, he goes on, I've known her for so long, since the time we were little!!😲 I've been mistaken by someone as a maid 😜
Back in the bus at 3:30. A light goes on in the dashboard, which we couldn't. At the first stop of a client grabbed the booklet and it turns out to go to the brake pad system. Well, that's important, so the co-driver calls the garage, and after the last client, we can stop by. What happened then you don't really want to know...
I see a heron flying towards the bus and almost above us, he discharged his contents, I still wanted to throttle but I could not prevent the right half of the front window from turning white with incredible brown drap! That looked so incredibly dirty, my co-driver got gag tendencies! If it had been on my driver's side, I wouldn't have been able to drive any further, because with your sprinkler you can't get that away. But our mechanic from the garage washed it clean for us! And the light... it didn't burn anymore! And he couldn't find anything either!πŸ˜•
Back at the Nostalgia, helped the others with cleaning, had a drink with each other and then nice home. Tomorrow will also be a nice day, At 10.00 o'clock we get a Christmas surprise!! We are very curious!!

See you tomorrow!!πŸŽ…πŸ€ΆπŸŽ„