A Christmas to never forget!

#christmas A Christmas to never forget is the Christmas of 2020, and that has all to do with the Coronavirus. Not cozy with the whole family, friends. Do not prepare a dinner yourself, not the cosiness of a house full of people.
But you can make something out of it. Also with the two of us you can make a delicious dinner, cook together, is also something different than shuffling with each other. Or you have a dinner delivered by the closed restaurants, you can easily go to your set table, after enjoying a delicious Christmas movie or taking a walk.
My mother-in-law comes with her husband one of the days with us to drink coffee. The other day they get a visit from Chiel's brother. Nice fair distributed and not too much visiting them (and us).
We have to make the best of it and think about it, then from the summer just a nice Christmas barbecue or next Christmas a Christmas over the top!!
Also on #dagopvangdenostalgie Christmas is different from other years! We always do a Christmas dinner on the 24th. Now we do delicious snacks throughout the day, such as a patty with mushroom ragout, a cup of oxtail soup, a beef salad, toast with smoked salmon and of course end with lawyer and ice cream and whipped cream!
Let's make a few beautiful days together and hope for better times in 2021!

Keep your distance and stay healthy, Irma