#festivals I always go with my students to dance festivals, this time I will talk about the circuit festival where we compete with different schools in the municipality of San Francisco, on that occasion it was held at the Joaquin Goeke school for the blind, in San Francisco municipality, there have my students with a quadrille classified the municipal meeting of the state in Maracaibo, they were so happy and happy that day, therefore I do these activities, I share with the students other activities outside the academic classes, it leaves you unforgettable experiences and fondness.
In addition to the costumes sewn and designed by me, the headdresses were also made, I designed the choreography and rehearsed the students, an experience of weeks of preparation that yielded wonderful results.
The State Dance meeting was held at the Lía Bermudez Theatre in Maracaibo, where we performed with more than 25 groups from all over the state