A dangerous friendship - Part 17

'Come sit with me', says Remco with a somewhat commanding undertone in his voice. A tone that deeply irritates Anne. With slight reluctance, she does what is asked of her. She begins to irritate herself more and more with Remco's behaviour. “Are all men like that?” , she asks herself. More and more he shows claitive behavior. He wants more and more of her.

Anne finds it hard to say no because of the great gifts she keeps getting from him. This gives her the idea that she should do what Remco asks of her. Besides, he does pay attention to her. Attention that she desires so much. Remco knows this. He also knows that because of the presents he gives she does what he asks of her. He loves having her in his power like this.

When she sits next to him, he gently caresses her through her hair. He loves doing this. Anne feels a little bit of a sensation going through her body. Remco caresses her over her cheek and then caress her down her neck. She feels how her breathing and heartbeat are accelerating. While looking at Anne, he calmly lowers his hands further. Anne feels how Remco's hands glide first over her breasts and then over her belly. She feels how she gets warm inside. She just doesn't know whether to let Remco move on now or stop him.

She feels how Remco's hands move on. Slowly and gently these glide even further down. First over her hips, then over her upper legs to stop on the inside of her thigh. “Stop!” , then Anne suddenly exclaims.

Remco looks at her with a questioning look. “Stop?” , he asks. “Are you sure?” Stampling Anne throws out a yes. 'That doesn't sound very convincing', replies Remco. 'I'm very sure, 'then answer Anne.