A Dangerous Friendship - Part 19


I want to ask you for honest feedback. Feel free to be critical with asking questions, giving responses and therefore also feedback. I hope to be able to really publish this story as a book. However, I am far from that point, since some pieces of text are still missing, some suddenly need to be written out even further and some language errors still need to be adjusted. So I am thankful to all those who are critical and can help me in this way to perfect my story even further.

The next day, Anne gets up early. She's had a restless night with little sleep. All night, she has had a strange fluttering sensation in her stomach. Perhaps nerves before her second date, despite having an awful sense of it. Another day at the Vondelpark, safe and familiar, thinks Anne.

While walking, she feels that weird fluttering feeling in her stomach again. Could this be butterflies? No, I'm sure not, she's not in love. She puts her hands on her stomach and sniggles gently into herself. Very carefully, she looks his way every now and then. “Would he notice?’. While that thought goes through her, Remco suddenly looks her way. Shyly she smiles at him. Remco proposes to sit quietly on a bench after a while.

They chat a bit and enjoy the pond in the park. Suddenly Anne feels how an arm is placed around her shoulders. One of tension and at the same time even more flutter in her stomach, her entire body goes through. Or are these the butterflies? “Am I still in love?, Anne thinks to himself.

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