A kiss for you! And for you. And for you. And for you. And for you. And for you...

Last week we were walking in the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen (AWD), to see if the little foxes were already outside the den.

They didn't, it's just a little early in the year, or mother fox dug another hole, because there are too many photographers present, I could not blame her..

On the way back to the input/exit I saw a fallen, dead tree, and it had a very special bark.

Because what did I see?

I saw a tree bark that had all mouths!

All kisses so.

You understand: I had to take pictures of that, so that the tree can give out even more kisses!


You can choose which kiss you want, but leave one for the other?


I don't know what kind of tree it was, for me, this is the kissy tree....


Be kind to nature, nature is also sweet to us!


#photography #naturephotography #boomstronk #bast #kiss

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Facing to face
FRONT TO FACE GROUP: Saladillo SONG: Front to Front CHOIR The walls dissipated Who once separated them They never looked at each other Santa Barbara and China Face to face are today And from San Juan de Dios You can pray to both of us. Road to Saint Lucia I So many memories go away With the ruins that left But the queens of heaven They stayed where they are Honestly don't think There is something else the same Happy is the cathedral Contemplating that walk II The happy city is Because the new neighborhood Surrounding is illuminated To the great Chiquinquira Santa barbara too She is rejoiced And a new face changed It surrounds it everywhere III You can already see That the basilica lives In the day the reflex receives From your glass lake While the cathedral Full of light and history Will represent in glory Old Zulia immortal. Own images.