A low-irritable home


I'm sure, not only the weather confuses me but also my living environment.
Normally it is a bit colder here in the Netherlands in November.
Now, sometimes it seems like Spring, more or something.
In the squares, children running without a coat walk after a ball.

Right next to me, I hear the murmur of the hedge.
As long as they don't find me or think they can play football with me.

Just when I've curled up and prepared for the bang, I feel warm fuzzy.
A warm nest?
A low-irritable home?

A little later, I feel myself moving while moving in something in the down.
“Where did you find this little man” someone asks.
When I dare to open my eyes, I feel a warm glow and see more hedgehogs scurrying around
Am I in Hedgehog Paradise?

(pixabay photo)

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