DIY Bookmark Owl

DIY Bookmark Owl

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  • paper
  • cardboard
  • felt in various colors
  • Ribbon
  • sharp scissors, glue, pencil, printer

Print image in the size you desired or draw him.

Cut the body 1 x from the cardboard and paste it on the felt. Cut  (+/-0.50 cm) around to the cardboard. Cut out the body then one more time from the felt.

Paste the piece of Ribbon in the middle at the bottom. Now you can past the top of body together.

Cut out the wings. I used printed felt.

Cut the head from in a lighter color than the bodice

Cut with a dark color the ears and the flank.

From Orange you cut a beak. Paste everything in its place.

With the same color as the flank, you make now the upper deck of the wings

This owl has her eyes closed, sign with fineliner two loops with eyelashes

Ribbon for the bottom of your two hearts and paste it on each other.

Thank you for reading this blog. 


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Verberg reacties
Heel erg mooi. 
Leuk dat je dat bloemetjes stofje gebruikt. 
| 09:48 |
Ik zou deze zeker gebruiken
| 09:47 |
Wat een super leuk idee!
| 18:40 |
Wat enig is dit ! Ik hou van boekenleggers ,
| 09:38 |
Super leuk en uiltjes helemaal :)
| 08:47 |
Super schattig love it
| 20:53 |
How very cute!
| 17:10 |

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