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How to use twinmarkers

How to use twinmarkers

In this blog , I'm going to show you how I use my markers. 

First I'll show you step by step,  how a doodle is created.

This story begins with a circle. Not as head this time, but head and body in one. This figure become a birdie.

Of course, he is a bit goofy. So he has a great eyeball and a small eyeball.

The pupils can be all over the place, this one  squints a bit. A beak and a few eyebrows. Not that a bird has eyebrows, but that gives him character.

long lanky legs and tickle toes

if you choose for feathers or hair, it realy doesn't matter 

A balloon in the mouth

The balloon became another balloon, now we know why he looks so absent ...

Turn on lines with fineliner. I use a Rotring Ashish Graphic 0.4. That does not stain, is opaque black, not too fine not too coarse. 

Erase pencil lines and you're ready for the markers.

Now you're ready to start with colors.  You first think about what colors you are going to work with.

I have chosen a basis of yellow. I use Action markers, that are basically available to everyone in the netherlands.  

In addition, see the colors I've used. I will try to show step by step how I form the figure . Sometimes it seems nothing has changed. But trust me, it will.

Step 1: color the body of your characters with the lightest color

Step 2: color the body of your figure again. But now with a slightly dark color. Not everything opaque in color, keep  some of the edges open, so that the light color is still visible

Step 3: now use the color that you want to give your figure and still show a piece of the underlying layer.

Step 4: apply a dark color to shade. This gives shape to your figure

Step 5: use all your darkest color now for extra contrast

Step 6: color the hairs

Step 7: color the beak in the lightest color

Step 8: apply a dark color over it and let a piece open on one side. So the lighter color is still visible

Step 9: apply with the darkest color the last shadow. Your beak is now ready. 

Would you like to make it a bit darker , then you can go over it one more time with the marker.

Step 10: this is my ... oops I forgot something step. Color the pupils with your fineliner in and keep a tip white over.

Step 11: apply with grey, shade in the eyeballs

Step 12: color your balloon and hearts in with the lightest color red and leave some white open at the edges of the balloon.

Step: 13: give with a dark color red on one side in all three hearts some color

Step 14: use your previously used grey to structure of soil. 

Now  you have used a lot of colors just for a small bird.

And this is the end result.

 I'm not saying that it is the way how you must do it, but this the way how I color my drawings.

Dankjewel voor je uitleg!
20-01-2018 14:07
20-01-2018 14:07 • Reageer
Toffe tutorial! Als je 'm toch in het Engels doet, dan zou ik bij stap 10 de 'oeps' ook even in 'oops' veranderen ;)
18-01-2018 16:28
18-01-2018 16:28 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Crea by a Second Life
Komt goed
18-01-2018 17:17
18-01-2018 17:17 • Reageer
Prachtig ...mooie uitleg en vooral zie je hoeveel werk er in zit !!
18-01-2018 14:01
18-01-2018 14:01 • Reageer
wat een fijne uitleg , ik zie dat ik meer kleuren moet kopen hihi !
17-01-2018 21:48
17-01-2018 21:48 • Reageer
Heb vaak moeite met Engelse blogs en/of uitleg, maar deze snap ik. Super leuk gedaan!
17-01-2018 16:39
17-01-2018 16:39 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Crea by a Second Life
Komt misschien door mijn dyslectische mavo Engels hihihi ik schrijf het hoe ik het zou zeggen in de hoop dat het enigszins grammaticaal correct is. Want op vertaalcomputer kun je niet bouwen
17-01-2018 19:27
17-01-2018 19:27 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Met deze plaatjes begrijp ik het Engels :)
17-01-2018 15:29
17-01-2018 15:29 • Reageer
Ontzettend leuk. Goed idee om het in het Engels uit te leggen.
17-01-2018 13:51
17-01-2018 13:51 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Crea by a Second Life
Er was eerder al een Nederlandse variant maar omdat ik op tumblr ben begonnen en al vaak op pinterest de vraag krijg of het niet in het Engels kan. Zet ik mijn tutorials er ook op in het Engels. Wat best een uitdaging is.
17-01-2018 14:40
17-01-2018 14:40 • Reageer
Ingrid Tips en meer
Ik denk ineens aan het liedje "Step by step, ooh baby...." Enfin, ik dwaal af. Leuk deze stap voor stap uitleg!
17-01-2018 11:26
17-01-2018 11:26 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Crea by a Second Life
Trauma's heb ik aan die band overhouden hahahaha ik had een vriendinnetje die was smoor op die jongens
17-01-2018 12:16
17-01-2018 12:16 • 1 reactie • Reageer
10-11-2018 10:31
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