About Soullages and Soulwhispers.

“You can write something on Yoors about your Soullage, if you like”, or similar words I got from Karina, after she made “my” Soullage.

I doubted: a Soullage is very personal, and do I want to tell you what I see, what I feel about it?

I let that question settle, until last night: I think I would like to say something about it.


It seems a lot longer ago, but when I just looked at her Profile, I noticed that Karina “pas” is active here on Yoors for a good month. There is no judgment attached to that, no matter how long a person is present: you can make an impression in a few seconds.

And she did: Karina appeared with a post about Soullages.

That is, she wrote about a reaction she had had on a Soullage. A term that told me nothing at all, but reminded me very much of Soulwhisper, drawings that Liesbeth Vaes-Kuipers makes with the beeswax, on request, and fully adapted to the energy of a person.

Although I didn't understand anything, the post triggered me, and I decided to follow Karina.

How pleasantly surprised I was when she offered a few days later to make a Soullage for some interested Yoors members.

Because as I said, I was triggered.

I was curious!

Okay, I knew by now that a Soullage was a collage, tuned to one person.

Karina asked us for our full name, and date of birth, that's all she needs.

So I sent my full name, where my phone entered my grandfather's name through the autocorrect... luckily, that was quickly restored with a second message.

I remember when Liesbeth made my Soulwhisper struggled to make real contact. That had nothing to do with giving up the wrong name, but I had to think about it right away.

With a Soulwhisper you get an explanation: what does your drawing have to tell you, often you get tips for the future: it is a (more or less) ready package.


A few days after passing on my data, my Soullage was already ready. She's fast, that Karina!

With curiosity I went to the post in which Karina showed my Soullage, and I knew immediately: I would like to have it myself, if that is possible.

Fortunately, that was possible, and Karina sent my Soullage to me, in a special envelope: a custom-made envelope!

As can be seen above: a text by Loesje, Loesje has been my favourite for years. Hit.


And there is one: my soul.

The first thing I noticed was the color blue, blue is my color, and it comes back in the Soullage, then the woman crying while she laughs. A theme that was also included in the horse coaching.

Then the doggy! Left stands for past explains Karina in these mail. We have indeed had dogs in the past, my best friends. Since I live on my own no more dogs in my life: I'm away too much, I don't want to do that to a dog.

What immediately intrigued me is the round on the right of the woman.

To this day, I don't see what's in it. Right is a future, so I'm sure it'll be clear to me somewhere. Right now, I associate it with a fracture, another moment I see it as a fingerprint. Anyway, someday it will become clear, or maybe not.

The flower, of course, attracts my attention. Flowers are part of my past (it's on the left), and of my present life. The Internet helped me find the meaning of the Snapdragon. Among other things, I found: “Despite its somewhat dangerous name, the Snapdragon is actually a very gentle type”. I think it's a compliment (and it's true).

I could not place the three cups, but the Internet also helped: growth. The butterfly says transformation, which for me also has a growth.

The dog also has a meaning I learned: he suggests that you attach great importance to loyalty and friendship of the people around you: touch.

The bar of lilac on the right tells me that in the future there will be more room for spirituality. I'm curious.

You understand, I think, that on the public Internet I'm not going to tell everything I see and feel at my soullage.

What I do want to say is that he knocks, and that I'm happy about it.

As for my curiosity: no, it is not satisfied yet: I don't understand how Karina does it: making these Soullages without ever seeing anyone.

Perhaps that is also the charm of the card, the mysterious touch of the whole.

Would you also like to have a Soullage made that is tailored to you? You can Send Karina a message Here on Yoors.

The cost is 15, - (from), including shipping, and when you want coaching when reading the ticket.

For the people who wonder what my soul whisper looks like:

So a Soulwhisper is something very different than a Soullage.

For this you can go to www.soulwhispers.eu .


In order to contact Karina via Yoors, you must be a member of Yoors. You can HERE sign up for free.