Acrylic paint casting for beginners

Acrylic paint casting I have some time ago provisionally tried - Yes. See also this blog .
But I also wanted to do it the right way. With the right means.

(Of course, there are more right ways, but those that I have used so far, dilute wax with soapy water of water and dishwashing liquid. With the method I used here it went a lot better.)

Dien Scholten has a YouTube channel with a.o. this video , in which she explains and performs that very fine. How nice!

So, for those who also want to start pouring acrylic paint: Follow her channel, by clicking “Subscribe” there.
And if you don't want to miss a video, click on the bell behind it.

On 17-09-2019 I went to work.

Recently it was my birthday ( as Philosopher told you , for which thanks) and received from my mother money gift. I bought (creative) stuff from the Action. In the above video is mentioned among others Acrylic thinner from Gamma. But at Action, Pouring Medium was for sale. Van Bleijswijck, the same brand as the paint recommended in the video. I did have paint from that brand, but it was almost gone, so I picked up new ones, in blue and turquoise.

During the dilution of paint, I noticed that on the made dilution mix of 100 ml. I did not have enough. That's just me, because I had taken too much paint, so I had to dilute longer. (Anyway. I can still use that for dotting.)

After I had set up and prepared everything, I put on the gloves. First, according to instruction, put the white in the cup. Then swing the blue-and turquoise diluted paint and drip into the cup. Then some white again. I held the canvas on top, turned the place around, but instead of leaving the cup for a while, the paint immediately ran out. That doesn't bother.

Here the canvas of 20x20 cm is still wet.

2 Days later it has dried up:

Despite the fact that I kept the burner just a little too close and it crackled for a while, I'm happy with the result! For the first time (at least, in the right way) I think it worked out well!
There are even some cells to see.

Facebook group

There is a Facebook group in which group members show their acrylic paint casting results. They also give useful and instructive tips and advice to each other. That's how I came to it. YouTube channel by Dien Scholten on the trail.
The group is called” Dutch Acrylic and Epoxy watering can “.


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Date of draft: 17-09-2019 #acrylverfgieten #diy #creatief #acrylverf #dienscholten
Date of publication: 19-09-2019, because apparently the canvas had to dry for 2 nights.