Adjust board cover on Pinterest board (video)

You can change the Pinterest board image. That's called a board cover.

Why would you want that?

Then both a regular visitor to your account knows that there is' activity '. Something has changed.
This may not go unnoticed for Pinterest either.

How to change the Pinterest board cover?

You can see this in the accompanying video and/or read it here:

  1. Edit a Pinterest board of your choice, which already contains a number of pins.
  2. At the top is either already an image, or a plus sign. So “+”. Click on that.
  3. The images of pins that are already on your Pinterest board are displayed. Pick a nice one.
  4. Click “Save”

Tips for choosing a board cover:

  • Make sure it's not a blurry image, that doesn't make a sign attractive to view.
  • Sometimes choose an image of a pin that's been in it for a long time. If you want to find that pin, scroll through your board and see other pins in the meantime:)
    (That last tip I gave in 2012 in the Facebook group “Dutch Pinterest” . See attached screenshot.)

I change board covers regularly.

You too?

Helpful tip?

Then share. On Pinterest, for example, by pinning the attached image on one of your Pinterest boards.

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