Allowances affair

Article - 16 November 2020
Advocate payment affair: “Parents have never been able to defend themselves”

“Grab Day, “that cry just stuck with me. I'm so good at embracing the people who have something to do with this gross scandal.
Great gentlemen who know about it, but who keep it going.
Judges who made statements, but the great gentlemen just did not accept it!

Thousands of parents on the gas, kicked down the abyss.
Marriages that could not withstand these violent tensions, persons who could no longer endure this powerlessness and made the most sad jumps.

Families broken, families in poverty.
The government withheld documents, did not listen to the people they disadvantaged.
The government didn't do what judges told them, they kept harassing and accusing.

Thousands of households harassed, harassed, killed by the government.
Incompetent, 'our' government...

It's a bizarre idea that the same government is now making decisions in this corona time. Decisions that we have to believe in have to rely on.
But is this government ever to trust again?
To you the question - for me, personally, the answer is already fixed...

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