An anchor photo for Super Mario

When I recently @Mónica I read about her father, who she calls Super Mario, because he looked like Super Mario, and told about how an anchor symbol stands for him, the shivers ran down my back.

I was very impressed and emotionated by her post.

Mónica then asked us to take pictures and send anchors to honor her father.

I promised to try to take pictures, because I know a few anchors, in IJmuiden, which is nearby.

When I was working tonight I passed one of the anchors, but I couldn't take a nice picture of that.

It is an anchor of over 3 meters, and it is located at a roundabout.

But I knew another anchor, and that might be a lot smaller, but I like it better...

So at the end of my shift I went off my route to put the anchor in the picture for Mónica:


This anchor is a work of art, perhaps therefore extra suitable for Mónica's demand.

It was very dark, so the picture is not the most beautiful, but I'm going to try to take a daylight photograph once.

This one is for you, Mónica, and of course for Super Mario!

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