An overview of day 6 of the Objectoons part 2

Day 6 - an object of your choice

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Already again day 6 of the Yoors Challenge Objectoons part 2. Today it was a free object, which apparently is not easy for everyone! Tomorrow there will be another tip to use as an object tone: (a piece) of a pen.

But, as it should be with part 2 of the Challenge Objectoons, you can also use your own object to process in your drawing.

But first take a look at the incredibly nice entries of today! Thank you very much! I remain so curious every day as to what will come again!

Crime in the fruit bowl!

@Naturefreak asks us to solve a mystery! Who's responsible for the crushed manderin?

versa. . .

@Dana zette haar creativiteit weer in, en wel voor een . . . . . Objectin. . . . A drawing as part of an object, rather than an object as part of a drawing. Very nice done again!

Popping Object

@ELINA RICKURA made an incredibly funny #objectoon with corn! They bake in the hot sun. . . . . well what happens when corn gets very hot. . . .

Especially don't stop!

@Madeleine created an object that calls very loud STOP. But I'm sure she doesn't mean that we should stop using object tones, right?