An Overview of the 7 Major Types of Essays

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There are 7 major types of academic essays that are assigned to high school and college students. The content requirements, structure, level of difficulty, and subjects vary for each type of essay.  

These essays are further explained below:

Descriptive Essay

The goal of this essay is to vividly describe a given person, object, location, or event. It helps the reader to picture the subject themselves. For this type of essay, the essay writer needs to use extensive grammatical expressions to write a good description. 

Narrative Essay

A narrative is a type of essay that describes a course of events in series from starting to the end from a subjective point of view. These essays are written in the first-person perspective. They may or may not follow a chronological order, but the series of events should be so as to describe the event properly. 

A narrative essay can also be considered as a form of storytelling. The writer’s personal experiences are expressed through this essay in a creative way. 

Expository Essay

An expository essay is a type of essay that investigates an idea that is given in the topic. It further involved the analysis and evaluation of evidence to draw logical conclusions. This becomes the main argument of the essay. 

The writer should have a know-how of the essay topic and possess extensive knowledge about it to write my essay. It doesn’t involve expressing feelings and opinions. Rather, it is strongly based on factual evidence. 

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay requires the writer to go against the topic or support it. Whichever side you may take, you need to prove it through factual evidence. In this type of essay, you need to take a stance and justify it. You should also tell why the reader should agree with your stance. 

Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is written to persuade a reader to agree with a viewpoint. It compels the reader to take action according to the given viewpoint. The writer needs to provide examples, facts, and evidence to persuade the reader logically. 

However, as recommended by a top online essay writing service, it is important that you address both sides of the issue in this essay. You need to tell why your stance is better and what are the failings of the opposite stance.

Analytical Essay 

As the name suggests, an analytical essay is based on a thorough analysis of a subject. It involves breaking down a given subject in such a way that it becomes more understandable for the reader.  

It is a very extensive essay with a huge word count. Based on your analysis and interpretation of a subject, a reader makes up his or her mind about the subject and takes an action accordingly. 

The subject being analyzed in the essay is a text, process, or idea.



Reflective Essay

A reflective essay is written to express the reflection of the writer on his life and past experiences.  The writer examines his or her own life, actions, events, and milestones to write my essay. They describe all these in an essay to convey a message. 

This essay is different from other types of essays as it does not require you to provide many facts and pieces of evidence. Rather, it requires you to describe life incidents or actions that help to describe the reflection effectively. 

These are the 7 major types of essays. By now, you would have understood what each one entails and how you can fulfill their requirements. 

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