Another Yoorsian in the sun


At the end of this first mini challenge, I still want to put a valuable Yoorsian in the spotlight and that is @The Original Enrique

A very sweet man, with the heart in the right place and someone I totally understand and that's vise versa. Both (with us some yoorsies) we are HSP and that stands for High Sensative Person and that is actually very nice, but also our biggest pitfall.

We also care about 5 days after, exactly 10 years of age and share the same constellation lobster. The fact that we have a lot of similarities is not very strange.

Enrique writes quite diverse, so definitely worth to follow, because it is never boring on his profile! At the moment a bit absent, but that will be fine. He needs that sometimes, and let's face it, who doesn't.!

In the header you might see a familiar thing, because in December 2018 this was my participation for the Crea-Challenge that was @Ingrid Tips and more was organized. And just Enrique was the one who gave me the inspiration for this. So when he asked who to crochet for him such a Maria statue, I didn't have to think long and I did it for him.

So it came that he wrote a post about it and therefore my choice for this in the header.

Of course he writes a lot more beautiful and especially now I want to highlight a few poems. I searched a lot on his page, but I found a few nice ones and I want to share them with you in this blog.

I'm going to leave it at this, too.. Enrique is for me one of the sweetest and most valuable men on Yoors and I'm super happy to meet him.. A super sweet man and we had wonderful conversations. Also through Yoors we speak a lot and also often privately, simply because that is sometimes nice and can.

If you don't follow him yet, be sure to visit him!

This post is dedicated to The Original Enrique

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