At the table!

We have to eat differently. Mainly for the environment. Personally, I don't have much trouble with that. A day no meat, can be quite. Or other meat, preferably organic or double purpose meat. Dual purpose meat I explain. A cow gives milk. She can do that for a couple of years, then she goes to the slaughter. Previously, they went into the destruction or became the dog food. But a double target cow is slaughtered after they finish giving milk, and the meat is sold for human consumption. Unfortunately, that meat is not in the supermarket but at some butchers and can be bought in several online stores. This is actually a bit like it used to be. When life was simple and clear. Back to our time. To make us eat differently, everything is made up. Locusts and other insects. Personally, I think, they should also be grown.. And then we get grasshoppers. Yeah, I think too far. But I'm asking you, will you come and poke a fork when you see the board on the tile?