Autumn in the Waterleidingdunes. Black/white challenge, day one.

Fermentation I took a short walk in the Amsterdam water supply dunes. It's autumn, and it can be seen there, and smelling. The first bronze scents are already hanging around, but the deer do not behave rutted yet. As always, I looked around me to see if there was something to photograph. This time I was without a camera, but with my mobile phone I had to come a long way I found, moreover I walked only a small piece, my knee does not allow me to walk far. I found a field of pine cones, it looked like a graveyard. The image of the many fallen pine cones struck me. Some pine cones still in color, with light edges, others half perish, or eaten by the deer. This natural composition attracted my attention:


Immediately I knew: this is my first picture in the black and white challenge on Yoors.

Do you want to join? That's allowed, fun even!!

Place a self-made black/white photo on Yoors.

Explanation does not have to be done. Have fun and good luck!

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