Bedroom Quick Clean Up in 10 Steps

Maybe your own room is a war zone or your teenager's. How do others do that? How do they keep their bedroom spic and span? Maybe you are a child and want to surprise your parent (s) with a clean nice, clean and clean bedroom. Because they're always yelling that it's such a pigsty in your bedroom.
Or maybe you're an adult who needs to do something about his/her messy bedroom.
Do this:

Remove the junkunder your mattress/bed. Also discard empty cans, candy packaging, ash/butts, paper and food residues.
Return empty glasses and plates to the kitchen. It's a good idea to eat or drink only at the dining table/kitchen table and not in the bedroom.
Put everything in a fixed good place. Think of makeup, papers, soft toys, books, collectibles, pencils, clothes, pens, pens, CDs and toys. Do what you don't want any more right away. Are you running from A to B? Then always take something with you! Then always put something back in place.
Then dustingwith a duster and a feather duster for the higher parts. Remember the corners of the ceiling where cobwebs can sit. Also dust off the top of your wardrobe, window sills and picture frames.
After that, all decrease with a damp microfibre cloth, for example the work surface of your desk, the window sills, but also both sides of the bedroom door. Beware of wooden items that should not be wet removed.
Change your bedding, so the duvet cover and fitted sheet and pillowcases. You can reverse your mattress if it is reversible. After that, make the bed neat. If the bedding is still reasonably fresh, let it air out of the open window (watch out with children or pets who can fall out of the window. Watch out with shaking a duvet or blanket at a low window. Sounds far-fetched, but you can fall out).
Vacuum the room, also under your bed. Do not vacuum around things, but shift them (if they are not too heavy, do not force anything, think around your back).
If you have a smooth floor such as laminate or sail, you can wipe the floor with damp floor wipes and you do not need to vacuum first.
Let your room be aired (watch out with children or pets who can fall out of the window). In addition, a mopped floor will dry faster.
Take off your window frameswith a damp cloth. Lap your windows on the inside, you can do that with a microfibre cloth/window cloth, a drop of dishwashing/dash of vinegar in a bucket of water and an old tea towel. Wet and dry. Don't forget your mirror (s). You can also clean them with a mirror cloth or old tea towel (without soapy, do not use a kitchen sponge).
Hang all the clothes in your wardrobe neatly. Use all the pendants. Provide a sorting system. Put clothes you don't want in the clothes box anymore.
Throw dirty clothes in the laundry basket. If necessary, do a wash if you can/may.
If you have a trash can, empty that, clean it inside and outside and put a new garbage bag in it.
If you do not succeed, do not hesitate to ask for help from a child, parent, relative or girlfriend. Help with cleaning up or tidying up tips or maybe storage items like baskets etc are needed.
If you want, you can light a scented candle (make sure you don't burn your tidy room) or put potpourri or fragrance soaps in your wardrobe. Scented disposable wipes are also fine.

Come on, you can do it!
Don't forget to put on a little music and reward yourself.
Cleanup works therapeutic. It's good for your mind and you're on the move. You're a beautiful person, and he deserves a clean space.

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