VLOG: De Voordelen van een Simpele Garderobe - #Minimalisme #Ontspullen #Simpel Leven

In deze video worden al je vragen beantwoord over een #simpele , mooie, kwalitatieve en #minimalistische garderobe. Veel plezier!


"GMVDMinimalism is een schrijfster die met veel plezier stukken deelt over besparen en bezuinigen, veganisme, minimalisme, consuminderen, ontspullen, duurzaamheid, zero-waste, zelfvoorzienend én simpel leven, maar ook over alle andere onderwerpen die ze in het dagelijks leven tegenkomt. Ze woont samen met poes Sientje en kippen Annabel en Zarah midden in Nederland. Als fanatieke veganiste en minimaliste met een groen en duurzaam hart neemt ze geen blad voor haar mond. Ze schreef ook een boek, 'Groots Leven met een Klein Budget', wat je HIER kunt kopen.  Wil je haar volgen en als eerste op de hoogte zijn van haar dagelijkse schrijfsels?  

Wordt dan lid van haar Facebook-groep, door te klikken --> GMVDMinimalism ".

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My pride, my novel “Captiva”
#yoorsapril2021 First of all something I'm very proud of is my beautiful family, I love them madly and without them I would not have achieved great goals as it is to have graduated in journalism this year, also another reason of pride for me is my passion for writing. Since I am 12 years old I love to write and through the years I have been improving my writing, currently I have received proposals from foreign publishers to publish and that is happy. I'll leave you a PDF with a chapter of a story. The price to be able to read the first chapter is economical is only €1.50 and with it I hope not to disturb, but the whole book has another price, since I independently sell my stories (at the moment) ✔️ The story I left annexed is called “Captiva” has content for adults, and has second and third parts. 🖊️💙 Synopsis: Meredith is a young adult who was unable to resist handsome millionaire lawyer Robert Meyer, who has very shady secrets that torments him at night.. I hope you like it. 💜
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Facing to face
FRONT TO FACE GROUP: Saladillo SONG: Front to Front CHOIR The walls dissipated Who once separated them They never looked at each other Santa Barbara and China Face to face are today And from San Juan de Dios You can pray to both of us. Road to Saint Lucia I So many memories go away With the ruins that left But the queens of heaven They stayed where they are Honestly don't think There is something else the same Happy is the cathedral Contemplating that walk II The happy city is Because the new neighborhood Surrounding is illuminated To the great Chiquinquira Santa barbara too She is rejoiced And a new face changed It surrounds it everywhere III You can already see That the basilica lives In the day the reflex receives From your glass lake While the cathedral Full of light and history Will represent in glory Old Zulia immortal. Own images.