What made me fall in love with Gouda


I've been living in Gouda for several years now and I'm still loving the city. Since I wasn't born/raised here, I had to fall in love with the city at some point in my life. For me, that's the #bestevangouda because the moment I fell in love with the city it changed my life. Most people like the old city hall at the Markt square which was build in the middle of the plaza so it wouldn't catch fire that easily. That location might have contributed heavily to it being one of the oldest gothic city halls of the country. Others fall for the Waag, across the city hall, where they used to weigh the cheeses. The famous cheese markets still get over 50 thousands of visitors yearly on Thursdays during the summer. Or it might be the Verzetsmuseum, about the Dutch resistance during World War II, the musemhaven, a harbour with historic ships, or even the Saint John's churcht (Sint Janskerk) which happens to be the longest church in The Netherlands with the most significant collection of stained glass. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. All beautiful, but I didn't fall in love with the city. The cheese, candles and stroopwafels made no change to that. Though stroopwafels do taste like heaven! During one of my trips to Gouda I went for a walk around the inner city. I started at the trainstation and walked in the direction of the Kattensingel. I took a turn to the Turfsingel, ended up at the Fluwelensingel and via the Blekerssingel I reached the trainstation again. Lovely walk. And... at the Turfsingel, in front of the Garenspinnerij I took this picture. This was the moment I fell in love with Gouda. It was a misty morning in November 2012. Not my favourite weather to go or a walk, not expecting to see anything interesting at all. Just me, spending some time in between two appointments and having a walk to kill some time. And that's when love happens, when you don't expect it. On the picture you see the Turfsingel (both the street and water are named like this) and on the right there's the Garenspinnerij, which is the place to be for everyone who loves art. Across the water, on the left, thats windmill De Roode Leeuw (the red lion), an almost 300 years old gristmill that grinded cereal grain into flour for about 2 centuries. Due to industrialization the mill became inoperative a century ago. 35 years ago a restauration made it operative again. The picture itsself might not seem that special, but all together it was what made me fall in love, so for me, this picture is what's the best of Gouda!