Birthday in Coronatijd!

#coronavaccin #corona #jarig #feestdag #dagopvangdenostalgie
No, it's not my birthday today. It was my birthday in Coronatiy, but I didn't do anything this year. treated to #dagopvangdenostalgie I have and from them I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
Today we're going to have dinner at Chiel's brother's. It's his birthday Tuesday and turns 50, but it's not celebrating.
He thinks! His wife has organized a drive in this Tuesday at 19.00 pm. Everybody honking and with balloons from the car past the house (the neighbors will like), then she will make sure he is outside!!
But we're in, I also bought a confettiknaller.. so I can shoot it over him!!🎉🎉🎊😉
My girlfriend's gonna be 80 on Tuesday, I've known her for so long, we played minigolf games together. We were on the women's team together and played European Championships. But well, too #jarig in Coronatijd, so not much can be done either. At least she gets a breakfast delivered from us, and we have made a call to friends and relatives to send her a card, after all it is a #feestdag . Hope she gets a lot of cards!
And then we assume that the #coronavaccin is given quickly so #corona this year leaves the world!! That would be nice, wouldn't it?