Blaadjes poppetjes maken

Herfst activiteit: Blaadjes poppetjes maken. Nu het herfstvakantie is, is er extra tijd om te knutselen. Deze knutsel kan je doen met blaadjes die je zelf gaat zoeken in het bos. Je droogt ze dan tussen bv. een krant. Dat duurt een paar dagen voor ze echt goed droog zijn. Of je koopt kant en klare blaadjes, die kan je dan gelijk gebruiken.

Wat heb je nodig?

- Blaadjes {Gedroogd of stoffen blaadjes}

- Grote houten kralen

- Wiebel oogjes

- Chenille draad

- Lijm en stift

Hoe maak je het?

1. Ga een chenilledraad door de houten kraal doen zoals op de afbeelding. Sluit het oogje door het samen te knijpen,

2. Buig de lange zijde doormidden en vouw die tegen elkaar. Deze druk je tezamen in het gat van de houten kraal.

3. Lijm een blad op het chenilledraad en laat het drogen. { eventueel wasknijpers erop klemmen voor het drogen}

4. Plak de wiebel oogjes op het de kraal. Teken een mondje met een stift.

Ik heb hier nog een aantal leuke inspiratie ideetjes bij elkaar gezocht.Je kan bv. ook variëren met vilt , houten blaadjes of  andere herfstmaterialen. Linksonder: Zie  het voorbeeld van: Atelier Pippilotta

Rechtsonder:  een blaadjes fee gemaakt door Vilt creatie Corine Blogspot

Linksonder: Je kan ook een poppetje maken met een dennenappel lijfje. De blaadjes zijn dan de vleugels van een blaadjes feetje! Gemaakt door

Rechtsonder: Met wederom een dennenappel lijfje en echte gedroogde blaadjes  maak je deze vrolijke blaadjes vlinders.. Gemaakt door:

 Linksonder: Met een eikel dopje waar nog wat blad aan zit, maak je nog een heel leuk poppetje . Gemaakt door:

Rechtsonder: Een leuke bladmobiel is ook een leuk gezicht natuurlijk!! Bron


Op zoek naar knutselmateriaal?

Klik op de foto van je keuze en bekijk het in de webshop!



Kom je ook bij Yoors bloggen over wat jou bezighoudt, je eigen knutselideetjes delen, artikels lezen over gezondheid,actualiteit? Kom dan bij Yoors en ontvang meteen een welkomstbonus!

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3Violas: The Magic Sounds of 3 Violas
3Violas: The magical sounds of 3 violas - We are an Amsterdam trio, consisting of viola players Hessel Moeselaar, Floris Faber and Geerten Feller. Since its founding in 2015, we are now an ensemble that is conquering a serious place in the Dutch (classical) music scene. This is partly due to our adventurous and broad view of not only classical, but also pop, minimal, electronic and film music. Where we used to be inspired by other artists, we are increasingly creating our own sound by composing the music entirely ourselves. Besides our own arrangements and compositions, our improvisations are an integral part of the repertoire. This makes every performance of 3VIOLAS unique and unpredictable. Where we used to be inspired by other artists, we are increasingly creating our own sound by composing the music entirely ourselves. Besides our own arrangements and compositions, our improvisations are an integral part of the repertoire. This makes every performance of 3VIOLAS unique and unpredictable. All three of us come from the Conservatory in Amsterdam. And all three come from the viola class of Marjolein Dispa. Maybe you know us from the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam. In addition, we played at festivals such as the Uitmarkt, Ruigklassiek and Entrée Late Night in the Concertgebouw and we have given various performances in collaboration with organisations such as 'Talking Trees' and 'Classical Music Rave'. We have also been regularly heard on Radio4. Since 2019, 3VIOLAS is Artist in Residence at VondelCS in Amsterdam; the media and culture lab of the AVROTROS. In collaboration with VondelCS we organized the new series MindViolness. We hope that we can delight and surprise you with our music on Yoors. Below is a video in which you will get an impression of our performance at Grachtenfestival in 2019. - #muziek #music #altviool #3violas #classicmusic #grachtenfestival #Feller #Moeselaar #Faber #video #videoclip #optreden Video credits: Nander Circle
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#iamnewhere Hello My name is Jhade I introduce myself, I am new to yoors friends of mine and friends of mine a hug and a warm and tender greeting from my beautiful home:3 for everyone, I started to think carefully at the beginning of this interesting writing I wanted to tell you what was my experience with yors but if I am sincere I would not have the exact words to be able to describe that immense emotion that I felt when discovering a page as great as this, I hope that for you the experiences in yoors that you have are very good as mine were and the truth if I tell you I had no idea of the existence of this wonderful and incredible page nor that I was going to have such beautiful and fun experiences. Although I haven't been long so let's say in the present but I really love a lot and I would like to gather new good experiences and new knowledge about how it works so that I can become an expert in the use of yoors and thus get to help many people can start using it in the future, I met this platform through some friends let's say that in the bottom of my heart I want them xd, PD: (If you read this I owe them a hahaha). Also that thanks to this page yoors I can develop myself let's say something like a writer when writing publications since so with those conditions it offers it is much but much more interesting to get and inspire the thousand to write with all my heart, and more than my passion is to write stories and novels, I can tell you a thousand and a nonsense that may occur to me in my head of coconut: D:D (Although if I am sincere to you, sometimes I don't even understand them hahaha). Peero still would be very interesting to be able to express around here and tell how a whole chatter as I have always loved, since I was just a little girl, it is already one of the gifts that my God gave me and I thank him very much another of my gifts would be Draw, but already that is another story that would leave it for another story dedicated to my passion about drawing that I will write later and I also look forward to you like even a little bit my stories that were a bit shocking, interesting, funny, sometimes strange. Is it funny you don't think? If you dare to read them complete, I just tell you, Come join together in the slightly twisted paths of these strange, but at the same time funny, sad, very tragic, but with a happy ending? , mmmm the truth just I don't know, you'd have to find out for yourself by reading my posts, so chaito, kiss; *; *;)