Bloemenweelde op de rivierdijk

Zo ziet de Maasdijk ter hoogte van het Brabantse dorp Lithoijen momenteel - 13 mei 2021 - er uit. Een grote gele bloemenweelde. Een lust voor het oog om dit te zien. De bloemen zijn lijnzaad ( koolzaad ) bloemen. Van de zaden van deze bloemen wordt onder andere lijnolie gemaakt. De bloemen zijn overigens, volgens een medewerker van Rijkswaterstaat, uit zichzelf aan de dijk uitgezaaid. Het zaad is vermoedelijk afkomstig van voormalige productievelden in de omgeving en met de wind meegevoerd.
Hoise the flight
#30daysigns It's an eagle I do for a project, it's not my best work but I'm proud. I want to fly very high until I reach the mountains that the sun illuminates my plumage while the wind hits my wings.
Abnormal housing market
I've been with my friend for a while now and we're ready to take the next steps together.. Buying a house.. Well that at this time is not to do as a starter! My friend and I both work full-time, are busy saving and still it is very tricky at the moment. Requesting for a viewing is very difficult if you are not there on time! Often the viewing days are already full after an hour!?! The reserve list does not make sense because the houses are sold and outbid. There are currently so many people looking for a house. In my area, people put their homes for sale and they are even outbid by more than €50,000!! That's not normal anymore.. Being an interior designer, I'm quite critical of finding and buying a house, but after doing a lot of consessions we still can't get through! I would like to have an entry ready house, it doesn't have to be new, but still neat to join a few years! Also we need an extra room, of course for the future (like children) but also for my friend's hobby, he is a gamer. haha! We are already watching social media brokers, keep an eye on Funda regularly and try to get through a house. How would you do? Do you have any tips? It's once my dream to buy a real construction dump and rebuild it to my dream home! But that's something for the future!