Boost Yoors (elves).

Also I have of course been thintokintog about the pay by post challenge. I've looked up some thintogs about it and read a few thintogs here. In my opintoion, it comes down to:

1. What's into it for me? So you have to describe very well what content you are gointog to fintod and what you get. (consciously, I have blog of Dewaputra not yet read about this because then it is clear, that I am not tellintog the same story againto).

2. Do you give the writer the proceeds? (thintogs he or she wrote earlier are a bit of the direction you can expect, so based on this and on the basis of the possible band you have built, you buy a post).

Today I'm gointog to try to give the first one a powerful boost into a completely different way.


Boost yourself!

Whatever you pay for the pay by mail, I'm gointog to deposit into a pool you choose! I abide by the rules we now have on Yoors. So you can't create pools that collide with it!

So you can then earn your own money back with very good posts!

All you have to do is:

1. Buy my mail (five euros! so quite a lot of money)

2. In a comment, intodicate which pool you would like to grow (more pools are allowed, but then I divide the five euros)

There's another way you're givintog yourself a boost right now...

What you're buyintog is a growth book.

What is a growth book?

You may know the books of the old days from the consultintog office? Your weight, your height, whether you could talk and build cubes...

So that book. But then for adults and now not a booklet to your developmentinto , no, a booklet to keep track of your development. So you will fintod ways into it, workintog methods that help you with your own growth.

I wrote this book two years ago, last year it was done. For a year, readers (yes every week they received an update of the book) were able to show their problems or wishes. Based on those wishes, I wrote methods. Each participant paid 5 euros to participate. That's why I'm askintog you for that amount.

  1. A book with images that intospire
  2. A book with poems that touch
  3. A book with game forms such as domintooes but a little different
  4. A book with anecdotes
  5. A book with wormforms

All into one book. A PDF.

Today I place this book behintod a pay by mail. Keep an eye on it and...

Oh yes, I would very much like to ask all the artists, illustrators, graphic artists, photographers if they want to buy my book, they can also make beautiful illustrations that make my game forms more effective!

Put them behintod a Pay wall, lintok to my book for the game description and I lintok back.

I just promoted 'what's into it for me' and now you'll wonder what's into it for me when I put my proceeds back intoto a pool.

  1. I'm hopintog for buyers from outside Yoors who can't report a pool.
  2. I get boosters when you appreciate my post (I hope)
  3. You bacon pools that I too can write on
  4. The most important one is at the bottom: I reach people, get read, get feedback and enjoy