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Terms & conditions

You can only make max. 1 posts in this booster
You can only get max. 5 rewards per post in this booster
You have to be monetized
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The owner can choose to disqualify users if the conditions are not met

What is a booster?

A booster is a temporary buff where you can earn extra cash every time someone presses the heart button on your post

Why should you buy a booster for your peers?
  • Motivate the creation of quality content
  • Make others happy by rewarding their work
  • Focus on a certain subject if you're missing it on Yoors


Get 28 YP extra every time someone likes your post
0 / 113

For example:
1 like = 28 YP
5 likes = 140 YP
10 likes = 280 YP


Created by Alfred
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