Boosters: explanation for who it is not quite clear yet

For those who are not (completely) clear what boosters are for/how they work, I hope to make it clearer:

What's a booster?

A booster is a new tool on Yoors, with which your YP balance can be 'boosted', or get an optater. Each Yoorsmember can set such a booster as long as his YP balance is sufficient.

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What kind of boosters are there?

The standard boosters are available to each Yoorsmember or a single Yoorsmember or a number of Yoors members at the same time have a chance to gain additional yoors points.
For example, you can set up: Up to 10,000 YP which can give everyone 100 points, for example, if their post or comment gets a heart.

The advanced boosters are there to adhere to conditions.
For example, you can use “advanced” to set up: Up to 10,000 YP which can give anyone participating in a given pool, for example, 100 points, if that post (which thus participates in that pool) gets a heart.

What's the advantage?

For example, Yorigunts circulate and it does not all go out of the stock market of @Henkjan the Warrior . I think the angle is:
  • boosting good content posting
  • Create beautiful content together
  • Posts can reward more
  • Equal opportunities for all

How does that work?

When your post or comment gets a heart, the boosters set for this will be awarded. That can't be a single booster, or a single, or several at once. And sometimes the boosters run out (quickly).
If you have set up a booster, the maximum amount you set will be deducted directly from your YP balance.
You can't receive boosters through Fairshare rewards, but through Fairshare.

Where can you set up boosters?

In various places you can set it to your liking:

  • the bar menu, choose “Boosters” and click “Buy boosters” at the top
  • in a pool
  • under a post, then the booster applies to the creator
  • on a profile of a Yoors member. Again, the booster only applies to those.

How do you know if boosters are active?

You can see that in:
  • choose the bar menu, “Boosters”. On the left you will see which boosters are valid for you and on the right which you have activated yourself. Gray colored are already on.
  • A pool. Visit a topic (hashtag) of your choice to see if a booster is activated.

Can you also see who received the boosters?

Yes. By double clicking on the corresponding booster and scrolling down you can see how many points went to which post. So you can check to whom the booster you set has been paid.
Because even if you have set up a booster for 10 members, that does not mean that each of those 10 gets a booster part.

More information about Yoors:

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Difficult kids?
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