Brazilian variant escapes antibodies

Brazilian variant escapes antibodies, infected half ex-coronapatics again. A mutation of the virus that originated in the Brazilian city of Manaus and has reached the Netherlands also causes virus fighters great concern. Research shows that a quarter to 61 percent of people who should be immune because they have been infected with corona are reinfected by this variant called P1. P1 apparently succeeds in circumventing the antibodies that the body has produced against the virus. It is feared that the mutation can also break through the defenses that vaccines offer.

British Health Minister Matt Hancock has stated in Parliament that a third vaccination round may be needed in the autumn against P1 and similar variants, such as the South African mutation. In Britain, a manhunt has been opened for the Brazilian mutation of the virus, but for the time being it has been concluded that the infections are isolated cases.

Additional problem is that the P1 mutation is also much more contagious than the original virus. A provisional investigation in Manaus, not yet officially verified, shows that the variant is between 1.4 and 2.2 times more contagious.

Research shows that the Brazilian variant of the coronavirus, identified in Manaus, can reinfect people who already have antibodies to the virus and bypass the immune system. Nicole Fusco brings the details.

According to the researchers, the driving force behind the emergence of worrying virus variants is the large number of infections, combined with superspreader events, where one person is the source of many new infections. “Uncontrolled spread of infection causes more and more mutations to occur, and this increases the likelihood that new virus variants will emerge that can escape the effects of vaccines and other medicines,” says Diaz.

Source: JoopbnnVara