Budgetproof Sinterklaasavond - See Ginds Comes de Steamboat

#sinterklaas mainly for cosiness, if you ask me. I don't remember what I got for December 5 when I was a kid. What I do know is the exciting moments after the knock on the door. The hot chocolate during the late stay up. The fact that we were together as a family and sang songs. The tension of the shoe-setting.

In short, Saint Nicholas is not about spending a lot of money. With the tips below you can also get through this 5 December budget-proof!

Please agree in advance when your child is allowed to put the shoe. By making clear agreements about this (for example every Thursday from the entrance, or every Saturday until 5 December) you limit not only the number of moments, but also the whining of the children; everyone knows where they stand.
Start storing shoe presents and sweets from September (that's when it started here). By bringing something every week - a banquet bar, a bag of herb nuts, speculaas, chocolate milk - you spread the costs over a longer period of time. The tension for the shoe presents does not become the more expensive, the greater. A chocolate letter, a pair of socks, slippers, or a (second-hand) book are ideal shoe presents.
Sinterklaas decorations do not have to be expensive at all, and making yourself is the most fun! Equal something fun to tinker with the children in the autumn of November. You can find nice inspiration here for Sinterklaasknutsels but also these are really some ! All thanks @De Knutseljuf Ede !
On Package Evening itself you are fully provided; you have goodies in the house, nicely decorated and putting the shoe went flawlessly. Now it's time! Arrange a local Piet before knocking on the door, put the chocolate and the herb nuts on the table and enjoy! Do a fun dice game and enjoy the presents according to the 4-piece scheme. Everyone gets one gift they want, one they need (socks, pajamas, etc). one that they can read and one that they can eat. So you don't have any unnecessary junk in your house, everyone gets (about) the same and they are gifts that you can buy partly second-hand! You can also choose coupons; the child can choose what he or she wants to eat, or a gift voucher for a picnic this summer.
Meet with the kids that after Package Night they can pick out two pieces of toys they've been looking out for to donate. At exchange events you can return these items and exchange them for nice gifts under the Christmas tree!


A lot of fun during the anticipation! Remember; it is the cosiness that counts!

Bonustip: try to celebrate the celebration with more than one family. This allows you to keep the costs of snacks and drinks within easy reach. Do agree with each other what the budget is. It's hard to explain that one girl gets a hug from Elsa, and the other a trip to Disneyland.

You get the point.