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Butterflies of Hungary?

Hungary, the puzta area ... still have lots of animals to see and explore! If you like walking and spotting insects, lizards, flowers, herbs and special beauty? Then you have to experience Hungary!

Far away from the big city, industry and smog, there is still much to learn and experience in the wild forests. The puzta is a place that makes people laugh. This location is the poorest region of Hungary ... partly situated against the Serbian and Romanian borders it only has the rich wilderness as a parable with these countries.

Here you can still drown in the diversity of wild life. Deer walk around freely and fearlessly, come roaring to challenge your dogs to the shelter of your home. They tasty eat your young fruit trees and vegetables are not safe for their incorrigible greed.

If you are interested in butterflies or a variety of insects or lizards, you can indulge yourself here. Even wild herbs grow to their heart's content and are a challenge for many a herbalist.

The puzta is not only a desolate wasteland but also a place of freedom! Many people dare to boldly take up the struggle with social life and opt for simplicity and self-sufficiency here. In the puzta you can still vanish, non-existent before the letter of the law, but declare completely outlawed. Red neck can be here to your heart's content, make mistakes and start again are still allowed here! Do you want to discover yourself on one?

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