Draagt Putin zijn steentje bij aan de soft disclosure?

Putin: “#Anunnaki Greater Threat Than Nibiru.”

Vladimir Putin on Monday told the Russian Federal Cabinet of Ministers that the Anunnaki are a greater threat to the Russian Federation than Nibiru, according to Federal Service Bureau (FSB) agent Dimitri Osmosovich.

Putin made the shocking announcement following a comprehensive threat evaluation conducted by the MoD, GRU, FSB, and Foreign Intelligence Services, agencies which continually monitor existential dangers to Russia, its leaders, and its population. In September, Putin had asked the agencies to collectively determine what threats required the most attention, based on unpublished criteria he and the intelligence agencies want kept secret. In ranking order, the threats included the Anunnaki, Nibiru, Israel, and war with the United States. Most ministers agreed the Anunnaki, with whom Putin has engaged in a six-year-long clandestine and deadly war, threatened to enslave or murder not only Russia but also the entire world.

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