Chakras - a stream through yourself

Energy through our body is like a ditch with all kinds of pools. Water flows from one pool to another through narrow passages, unless these passages are contaminated by pollution.


Chakras are pools of swirling energy in our bodies. Like water, our energy flows from one pool to another. If there was nothing else, all pools would be pure and clear. But the flow of life is complete, and during our life we come into contact with all kinds of things, so that the current can become soiled and clogged. This can be due to sludge or wear or something that is in the way of a block. That's why we call this blockages. With the right approach and new insights, we can remove these blockages and promote the flow again. This will allow us to regain energy and our pools will purify themselves and, if possible, become clear again.

There are 7 chakras in the body. Each pool of energy has a purpose and can silt up with a specific emotional pollution. In order to open your chakras, you must also be prepared to look deep inside yourself and face your pain and fears.

I will name every chakra and its energetic counterpart. Whenever you can name and conquer the latter for yourself, you will be able to open the chakra and promote its flow. To symbolize the flow I place interrupted lines between the chakras. You have to start at the beginning, but everything always seeps on to the next stage. This is a path to self-knowledge and wisdom. It is therefore important to be open to the possibilities.

Earth chakra
surviving vs fear

The earth chakra is located at the bottom of the spine. This chakra stands for survival and is blocked by fear. Ask yourself what your greatest fear is. Visualize the fear, make it tangible and concrete. Now that you know what your fear is about, it's easier to approach it realistically. Is your fear well-founded or just a delusion of your own thinking?

If the fear is well founded, accept it, accept that it is not terrible to be afraid, but let go of the restraint associated with it. If the fear turns out to be a delusion afterwards, throw it away from you. Let all your fears flow into the ditch. Do not blame yourself, but continue your new insight and clarify your mind.


Water chakra
fun vs debt

Look at all the guilt that bothers you. What do you blame yourself?

Accept the reality of everything that has happened, but do not let it tarnish and poison your energy. In order to be a positive force, you need to be able to forgive yourself.


Fire chakra
willpower vs shame

This chakra is located in the stomach. What are you ashamed of? What are the biggest disappointments in yourself?

You'll never find balance if you deny parts of your life. Recognize your shortcomings and take them into stream. Only by willpower can we overcome our shortcomings and let go of their shame. That sometimes takes a lot of courage, but if we dare to show courage, the relief will be all the greater.


Feeling chakra
love vs grief

The fourth chakra is in our most emotional source, the heart. It stands for love and is blocked by grief and emotional pain.
Spread all your grief on the ground in front of you.

Those who have suffered heavy losses can block on this. Missing and bitterness are also forms of grief. But know that love is an energy in itself and is present all around us. The love that others felt for you is not gone, but is within you and is thus born again in the form of new love if you allow it. Let the pain of grief flow out of you and rests in the idea this life is but part of a greater whole. Maybe you'll find each other in the next life.


Sound chakra
Truth vs. lies

The sound chakra is located in the throat. It stands for truth and is blocked by lies.

The lies we tell ourselves. You can't lie about who you are. Stop denying yourself and accept yourself.


Light chakra

insight vs illusion

The 6th chakra is located in the middle of the forehead, on your third eye as it were. It stands for insight and is blocked by illusion. The greatest illusion in the world is the illusion of separation. Things that you think are separate or different are actually one with each other. One balanced with the other. Everything is interconnected.

Even the separation of the four elements is an illusion. Anyone who opens up his mind will see that all elements are one with one another. Four parts of the same whole.


Think chakra
pure cosmic energy vs terrestrial bonds

This is in the crown of your head. Find out through meditation what binds you to this world. Now let go of all those tapes. Let them flow into the river and forget about them. Clear your head of everything that binds you to your earthly life and let the cosmic energy flow.

This can be an impossible task for many. But only when we allow ourselves to let go of everything can the cosmic energy flow in from above. Often we are blinded by what is happening before our eyes, whether good or bad, and we cannot see beyond what is now available. When we dare to let go, we can take a step out of ourselves and look at things soberly. In this way, we can see whether it is going in the right direction or it is better to continue in a different direction.

Dare to ask yourself this question: are your actions conducive to the big picture or will it be a hindrance in the long term?