Change or undo pool (explanation with videos in NL and ENG).

Sometimes a post ends up in a pool with a different subject than what the post is about.
That could have happened by accident.

Possible causes:

1. When a post is viewed and then a new post is created, the new post automatically gets the hashtag of the viewed post.

2. When hashtags are added to a new post, the system automatically chooses a pool for it and fills it in for you.

Tips from Ingrid 😁:

• When creating a new post, pay attention to which hashtag is automatically displayed, and if it is not related to what you want to write about, delete that hashtag first.
• Before publishing a post, pay attention to whether a pool has been filled in. You can change or undo this.

Change or delete pool (on desktop):

When creating a:

• short post click on “Pool". Check if, and if so, which pool is filled in.
• more extensive post click on “Publish" tab. In that tab you can see if and which pool is filled in and adjust it there.

In both a short and advanced post:
opens a small screen.
• If nothing is filled in, please fill in the correct one and click the checkmark behind
• If one is filled in but you do not want that post to join in any pool? Then click on the trash and scroll the number of days to zero. Then choose “save", to make the changes take effect.
• In the publish button, if the number of YP (for participation) is no longer listed.. Are there still? Then do the actions again. Then something didn't go right.

Attached video shows it.

One video is the English version, the other video is the Dutch version.
Music is also used. It's mentioned at the end of both videos.

Pay attention before publishing a post. That reduces the likelihood that the mail will end up in the wrong pool.

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