Children of love

Children of love

Investigate what it means to be a mother

With the arrival of my new son, I find myself fully in the role of mother since I have to share both of them my complete attention, being a mother is not an easy thing since it involves a lot of responsibility and I don't mean that responsibility to feed and educate them, I mean the responsibility of turning them into exemplary human beings.

Being a mother is part of life and when you are the mother of a child you are the mother of all the children in the world because we do not allow them to be harmed in our presence.

There are many stories about how to play the best role of being a mother, how to educate your children, how to teach them to take those first steps in the world, the first months of pregnancy I thought my daughter would be jealous when her brother was born, but I was surprised to see how well she is handling it.

Their father and I give them all the love and teach them to love each other because that is what it means to be brothers, between them they must support each other. This review is for my children and my stage of breastfeeding again, every child is different learning to be a mother with each of them is the task.


Creating a safe environment for our children, a home, not a bubble, allowing them to feel all the emotions without letting them fall, being parents is a task that lasts a lifetime, it is the real commitment that comes to us without warning and that we firmly accept and do what is in our power to live up to the parents they deserve.

Teach them to share love since their little brother is in the womb so that when they go out into the world there is only love. #reviewed

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