Christmas visit, gifts and corona

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Christmas Eve, we had the appetizers shelf and the presents and All you need is love. Where I regularly needed the tissues.. I got a hair dryer with accessories and my favorite smell Alien. Chiel had a vest and also an air Obsession. And an album of War on Drugs (not for me). Was a pleasant evening!
The 1st Christmas day we did not have breakfast, we had a brunch from my favorite restaurant. Chiel's mother and husband and brother came to brunch. We had a beef broth with herb omelette strips, willwood,
Various sandwiches with salmon and smoked meat, Christmas bun with food, croissant with cheese, brownies, spice cake, and small sweet pastries (one-happers) Fruit and a delicious fruit mousse. And again presents! I got a shower gel and body milk from Cacharel. Chiel's mother and husband went home, Chiel's brother stayed with us. Cosy the afternoon spent with fresh kinds of music, via the playlist, CD or LP! Still the rest of the snack board eaten (after all we had enough of brunch left). A cup of coffee and then Chiel brought his brother back to Amsterdam. I cleaned things up, I turned on the dishwasher, and actually I wanted to get the mop over, but the pops popped through the airspace again, so I had my hands full with our pup Siebe. He went behind my seat and was under stress. And it wasn't once that night, several times fireworks were fired, and they weren't mild bombs.
When going to bed, Siebe sleeps in the hallway, is still pubering and is not allowed in the room, because there he can demolish plenty. Thursday night and last night, the squeak wasn't off the air, Siebe was scared and wanted to be upstairs with us. And we don't want that. As much as we would like to respond, we were silent and ignored his behavior. Luckily Siebe fell asleep and so did we!
Sleep well in and full of yesterday we skipped breakfast.
Cup of coffee and a cup of milk, it went in.
My work phone rang... one of our client's husband told us that he and his wife had been tested positive for corona.
Phew... I was expecting another bad news message, or you won't call at Christmas! Lunder 10 minutes later another phone call, another caregiver, my mother was tested for corona this morning, because home care felt she had suspicious symptoms. Unfortunately no results yet. 20 minutes later the GGD Amsterdam on the phone about the first client. We had to inform everyone about the fact that there was a positive corona infection. Every other client who has been with this client that day must be alert and be tested in case of complaints and 10 days in Quarantine anyway! Well, good then... just hope we can stay open! For now there is no one with complaints, except for the lady who was tested this morning... Let's hope that she has a lot of negativity in her!

Y'all thumbs along?